Crockpot convo

Crockpot convo

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Crockpot convo-06-Skillamafication
May 02, 2020

Well hello you guys! This week we are cruising without the captain! Join us in wishing Derrick and his family a happy double anniversary! We do however keep the party going as we promise we always will. :-) So come on in if you dare! Let’s do this!

Crockpot Convo-05-Fabulosodine
April 28, 2020

This week Derrick and his insane into Raj talk about recipes, appliances, disinfectant injections, and other things that will rip your sides apart! You know how we do. So you may as well get ready! Hope you’re staying safe, and thank you for choosing us a

Crockpot Convo-04-Satellitism
April 21, 2020

This week as your host Derrick welcomes you to a new episode, you will find yourself asking “what have I walked into? “ honey, let’s just say he and the rest of us cannot even tell you! LOL! Just buckle up, put your helmet on, and pray! Let’s do this! So

Crockpot Convo-03-Fo Niggas Widda Mic
April 11, 2020

Just when you think things couldn’t get any crazier… Here they come! Get your notepads ready to collect more vocabulary… Assuming you can even pronounce or spell half of the things that are said. Let’s have a good time. :-) If there’s any heaviness on you

Crockpot Convo-02Fucked Uppedness
April 05, 2020

Here we go again! Derrick, Tina, Ridda, and Mr. B funk Brandon are giving you 45 minutes of entertainment and information in a way that only they can. Let’s see what valuable things we can learn from them. Let’s also listen to find out how many words

Crockpot Convo-01-Nakedin The Isles
March 27, 2020

This is Crockpot convos pilot. Derrick, your host, will introduce you to a small cast of crazy personalities; Tina, Brandon, Zaire, and Ridda. Together we will talk about everything from stone serious to fall-out-funny topics. Just like throwing togethe