Latest Episodes

56: Ring-Tailed Lemurs
May 25, 2020

For Episode 56 we decided to invite special Jr. Guest Host Jake on to discuss the fluffiest of lemurs: the Ring Tailed Lemur. It’s a pretty old school episode with tangents, completely unscripted humor, and old fashion fun facts about one of our favori...

55: Storm Petrels (ft. Amy)
May 11, 2020

Episode 55 is a little later than we’d hoped, but it’s here and it’s a super fun episode we know will make up for the lost time. This week we’re calling on a guest host and resident “expert” (as usual, neither of your regular hosts claim expertise on t...

54: Rough Green Snakes
April 13, 2020

We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s Episode 54 and despite the chaos that coronavirus has thrown at us, we’re bringing you a short and sweet episode about the smallest, cutiest snakes on the block (of the south-eastern United States at least).

53: Meanwhile in the animal world
March 16, 2020

Hello lovely listeners! These past two weeks have been wacky in the United States. The country is finally starting to understand the magnitude of COVID19 and taking steps to slow the spread of disease. And that means a lot of unexpected time alone,

52: Greenland Sharks
March 02, 2020

Oh, hi! Nice to see you again, or hear you again, or have you listen to us again? However you want to put it, we’ve been radio silent for a hot second but we’re BACK with Episode 52 discussing a critter you probably have never heard of.

51: Seahorses
February 03, 2020

We’re back with another CritterCast episode and this time we’re taking a dive back into the ocean waters to study seahorses. If you’re interested in finding out more about these fascinating fish and listening to us fangirl about Dr.

Episode 50: Koalas (and how we can help them)
January 20, 2020

Hello CritterCast friends and family! It’s EPISODE 50 (can you believe it?) and Cassie and Koreena are back with a full episode. This one is jam packed. We knew we wanted to do something special and since Australia has been struggling with some pretty ...

Episode 49: So You Got a New Pet?
January 06, 2020

It’s Episode 49 and Cassie and Koreena are welcoming the New Year by passing along some tips for new pet owners. Whether you purchased or adopted a new pet and whether that pet is a hermit crab or horse….these are some general tips to help ease that tr...

Episode 48: Reindeer (Again?)
December 23, 2019

Hey CritterCast fam! So it’s a little bit of a cheat to call this Episode 48 because technically it’s not a BRAND new episode. It was originally released as Episode 24 last December. But we did make some edits and even wrote a brand new intro specifica...

Episode 47: Beloved Blocky Pitbulls
December 09, 2019

Hello CritterCast listeners! We’re back and we’re sorry for the little delay in getting this episode out to you. Thanksgiving and family time just didn’t lend to recording, and we never remember to record ahead.