Latest Episodes

Episode 42 – Rad Raccoons
September 16, 2019

CritterCast fans, we were super excited to bring this episode to you. Raccoons might just be the very definition of the word “critter” so they obviously have a very special place in our hearts. Everyone has an opinion of raccoons: major pest or adorabl...

Patreon Preview: Tahoe Tessie!
September 14, 2019

In this special preview of August’s patreon exclusive, we give you a look into the mysterious world of Tahoe Tessie (aka California’s very own Loch Ness Monster). Are you frightened? Fascinated? The least bit intrigued?

Episode 41: Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia)
September 02, 2019

So we went to the San Jose Reptile Show and Cassie realized we had NEVER done an episode on Blue Tongue Skinks? How? How did we get 41 episodes into this podcast and never touch on one of our FAVORITE reptiles?

Episode 40: Hagfish…heckin cool!
August 19, 2019

Episode 40! Can you believe it? We sure can’t! This episode we’re discussing a….fish???? Maybe, maybe not. You’ll have to listen to find out. We picked this critter thanks to a suggestion from our friends at the Fish Nerds Podcast.

EXCLUSIVE! Unicorn Preview!
August 17, 2019

We’re bringing you a little snippet of one of our Patreon Exclusive episodes! Each month we release an episode about magical mythical creatures that is available to our Patreon Supporters at the Basil’s Buddy (aka $2) Tier or above.

Episode 39: Not from Guinea, Not Really Pigs
August 05, 2019

Episode 39 is live! Sorry for the short delay in getting this episode out, but we promise it’s worth it!! This episode we’re talking about adorable little rodents known as Guinea Pigs. Their name is a complete and total misnomer,

Episode 38: Handy, Heroic Horseshoe Crabs
July 22, 2019

It’s Episode 38! It’s here! We made a mistake in recording and mistakenly thought we were at Episode 39 already…but this episode is actually Episode 38. Now that we’ve got THAT figured out, it’s time to talk about horseshoe crabs!

Episode 37: Meerkat Manor
July 08, 2019

In this episode of CritterCast, we’re dishing the scoop on the cutest and most murderous (?!?!) of small mammals…the meerkat! Though these furry friends are not part of the feline family, they’re as cute as kittens.

Episode 36: Arapaima (it’s a super big, super cool fish)!
June 24, 2019

Welcome back to CritterCast for Episode 36. If you’ve never heard of an Arapaima chances are you don’t watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel because this mysterious fish is the only fish to ever elude host Jeremy Wade on River Monsters.

Episode 35: Turkey Vultures do the least
June 10, 2019

We’re back for episode 35 and it’s time to take it back to the skies! What critter spends most of their life putting in minimum effort? Turkey Vultures, that’s who. In this episode we discuss why Turkey Vultures are the laziest, most relatable birds.