Credit Union Conversations

Credit Union Conversations

Great Works of the Credit Union Industry

October 03, 2023

Let's talk about some of the great things credit unions do every day! The CrossState Foundation executes the playbook on many of the wonderful initiatives for our industry. Sue and Mark talk about what goes on behind the scenes carrying out this crucial mission of credit unions.


  • [02:46] Sue shares her journey to her current position at the CrossState Foundation
  • [05:27] Sue reflects on her surprise when starting her job. She learned how credit unions nationwide work together
  • [08:04] Sue explains how her foundation focuses on promoting financial credit union certification, reality fairs and financial wellness workshops
  • [10:49] Sue talks about the National Credit Union Foundation hosting what is called prom night 
  • [12:24] Sue shares information regarding CU Kind Day
  • [15:34] Younger adults are helping propel focus on serving the community 
  • [17:43] Sue explains how Financial Reality Fairs work
  • [23:36] Sue gives an example of a teenager who had been to a Reality Fair
  • [27:06] Sue encourages listeners to participate in programs that promote education and their communities


  • Many people do not know how Credit Unions are committed to helping people in the community 
  • Financial Reality Fairs are beneficial to high schoolers by assisting them to plan and stay on a budget,
  • The National Credit Union Foundation promotes prom night, providing gowns for girls who otherwise could not afford them.


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Sue Ward-Diorio is the current Executive director of the CrossState Foundation. CrossState Credit Union Association is the trade association for all Pennsylvania and New Jersey credit unions. Sue joined the credit union industry in 2022 after a long career in non-profits in central PA.