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Creative Minds Out Loud

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Episode 73: Hands-on Learning, Creating for Kids and Caregivers
January 30, 2019

Discovery Museum is a hands-on museum that blends science, nature, and play, inspiring families to explore and learn together. Neil Gordon, CEO, discusses how universal design and User/Experts informed their recent expansion to a 16,

Episode 72: Mass Historical Society is “Getting Out”
January 09, 2019

Catherine Allgor, President of Massachusetts Historical Society, shares her path to becoming an historian, and how the Society is expanding efforts to “get out” – by digitizing collections, expanding community partnerships, and more. (Also,

Episode 71: Green is Good
December 27, 2018

John Majercak is President of the Center for EcoTechnology, a nonprofit organization providing advice and resources for people and businesses to help them save energy and reduce waste. He shares ways cultural organizations can be more energy and cost e...

Episode 70: Out Youth Theater – Revelatory Experience for Performers and Audience
December 12, 2018

The Theater Offensive presents the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer lives in art so bold it breaks through personal isolation, challenges the status quo, and builds thriving communities. Evelyn Francis,

Episode 69: Iconoclast of Dance
November 29, 2018

Choreographer and Master Teacher Adrienne Hawkins discusses the field of dance – how the making of, and support for, the work has changed over time, its persistent challenges, and its inherent joys. Ms. Hawkins holds a BA in Education from Arizona Stat...

Episode 68: Access Means Overcoming Psychological Barriers, Too
November 16, 2018

Matthias Waschek, Executive Director of the Worcester Art Museum, says truly accessible museums create experiences that make visitors want to return. In doing so they must challenge institutional norms to welcome and engage more diverse populations.

Episode 67: Connecting Rural Schools to Arts Education
October 31, 2018

The Berkshires are home to an array of arts and culture organizations, and 13 schools districts. Connecting these two worlds often means overcoming barriers of distance and transportation. Lisa Donovan, Professor of Arts Management at the Massachusetts...

Episode 66: Lynn, Lynn, City of Murals
October 12, 2018

Al Wilson, Founder and Executive Director of Beyond Walls, discusses their work to create public art installations in Lynn, MA. He shares how perceptions were torn down as part of this process, bringing people into downtown and changing the image and e...

Episode 65: Museum Apprenticeships Transform Lives of New Bedford Youth
September 28, 2018

The City of New Bedford wanted to increase its high school graduation rates. As their response, New Bedford Whaling Museum launched the High School Apprenticeship Program, which provides resources and support to students that deepen community engagemen...

Episode 64: Fashion Rolls Forward
September 17, 2018

Jay Calderin, Founder and Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week, discusses his work as a designer with the Fashion Accessibility Project and how it inspired new ways of thinking about designing for the body.