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Creative Minds Out Loud

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Episode 114: Reflecting the Community in Art Spaces
November 04, 2020

In late 2019, we spoke to Doneeca Thurston, the newly-named Director of Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts. The 29-year-old Lynn native said her new role felt like a homecoming. She shares her vision for how the museum can be a champion for its majority minority co...

Episode 113: Unpacking Bias and Privilege in Cultural Organizations
October 15, 2020

Sandra Bonnici is a Senior Diversity Fellow for the American Alliance of Museums and a diversity and inclusion consultant. She says that doing the work to make a cultural organization diverse and inclusive requires deep and constant reflection.

Episode 112: Don’t Just Measure Numbers, You’ll Lose the Real Story
September 21, 2020

Sue Dahling Sullivan is an independent consultant with more than 30 years of nonprofit management experience. We spoke to her about strategic planning when she was the Boch/Wang Center’s Chief Strategic Officer and ArtWeek Lead Champion.

Episode 111: Mindfulness as an Action
August 28, 2020

Dell Marie Hamilton is an artist, writer, and curator. Her work uses the body to investigate questions about personal memory, citizenship, history, and gender. Last fall, she shared what it’s like to have a creative practice in an era of toxicity,

Episode 110: Prescribing Cultural Engagement as a Protective, Healthy Habit
August 14, 2020

Dr. Deborah Buccino and Adrien Conklin, BSN RN of MACONY Pediatrics discuss the addition of social prescription – prescribing cultural engagement as a protective, healthy habit – to their collaborative care work in the Berkshires.

Episode 109: To Change an Org’s Culture, Rip Off the Band-Aid
July 31, 2020

Last November, we spoke with Michael J. Bobbitt, Artistic Director of New Repertory Theatre, about approaching major change in an organization. He shares ways to identify organizational culture, support staff work/life balance,

Episode 108: Learning in Concert
July 16, 2020

New Bedford Symphony Orchestra (NBSO) Education Director Terry Wolkowicz discusses Learning in Concert, an in-school partnership program between the NBSO and over 40 elementary schools in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Episode 107: Youth Workforce Development in Creative Industries
June 30, 2020

Kim Dawson is the Director of Advancement at ZUMIX, a venerable creative youth development organization in East Boston. ZUMIX works with a largely immigrant community to better equip its youth to be able to navigate the world once they have graduated o...

Episode 106: Sharing the Bounties of Human Culture
June 15, 2020

“The humanities give people time to reflect and think about issues in a different way than our daily living,” says Jack Cheng, Academic Director of the Boston Clemente Course. The Clemente Course is a college-level introduction to the humanities for ad...

Episode 105: Building the Poem
May 29, 2020

Nicole Terez Dutton is a poet, teacher, and literary editor who also served as the first poet laureate of Somerville, MA. She says, “Ultimately, we’re building poems because we want to connect with each other.