Creative Minds Out Loud

Creative Minds Out Loud

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Episode 93: Creating Public Space for Community Health
November 26, 2019

Matthew Mazzotta is an artist and activist. His work utilizes – and fuels – community dialogue. Through the creation of public artwork and space, he aims to leave people with an experience that expands their view of where they live.

Episode 92: Youth Voice Transforms a Neighborhood
November 14, 2019

Celina Miranda, Executive Director of Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF), discusses the integral role of young people in the creation of Boston’s Latin Quarter Cultural District. She says that HSTF youth were compelled to speak up about the importance of ha...

Episode 91: Igniting Community in Central Mass
October 30, 2019

Heather Cook founded Three Match Creations with an aim to spark community in Central Massachusetts through creativity, innovation, and education. Their Co-Lab offers a center for connection between whoever is looking for a support system – artists,

Episode 90: Technology as an Expressive Medium
October 17, 2019

George Fifield, Director of Boston Cyberarts, says, “Anytime you have a technology which can create an expressive medium, artists are some of the first people there – after it’s invented – to really explore it, and to stretch it,

Episode 89: Common Spaces for Sharing Our Humanity
September 26, 2019

“The humanities are human beings interpreting what human beings do,” says Brian Boyles, Executive Director of Mass Humanities. He discusses Mass Humanities’ work to support communities who are doing humanities work in the public square.

Episode 88: Navigating the Board Relationship
September 12, 2019

Juliet Feibel, Executive Director of ArtsWorcester, discusses some secrets for success and longevity in a small organization, including how to be a real partner with her board. She says their onboarding protocol clarifies expectations so that by the ti...

Episode 87: There’s the Intent and There’s the Impact
August 29, 2019

Lecolion Washington, CEO and Executive Director of the Community Music Center of Boston, discusses some of the barriers to seeing more diversity in symphony orchestras across America, what systemic change takes,

Episode 86: Supporting Creatives in Their Startups
August 15, 2019

Malia Lazu, Founder of The Urban Labs, discusses her work to support startups and creative entrepreneurs through Accelerate Boston, a program that teaches the basics of business through curricula and alumni support.

Episode 85: Innovation at the Edge
July 30, 2019

David Sun Kong is Director of MIT Media Lab’s Community Biotechnology Initiative; Founder and Board President of EMW Community Space, an art, technology, and community space in Cambridge, MA; a DJ and photographer.

Episode 84: Boston Ballet’s Business Plan Competition
July 12, 2019

Max Hodges, Executive Director of the Boston Ballet, shares the story of a business plan competition (à la “Shark Tank”) for new revenue that engaged the Ballet’s entire organization of more than 500 people, including staff, dancers, musicians,