Creative Resolutions In Action

Creative Resolutions In Action

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“…You are trying to do in this world of climate change” – Lisa Prime
March 09, 2020

If you are interested in what makes a Livable City, you are probably familiar to the work of Lisa Prime. Lisa believes, that we need well-constructed policies to guide the planning for major development projects including infrastructure revitalization ...

“You’ve got to do something to force action by governments.” – Paul Thomas
February 17, 2020

"We live in a global world now where economic activity people capital jobs moves all over the globe. We won’t get into the game unless we organize ourselves effectively." - Paul Thomas

“If one of us fail, we all fail!” – Mike Moore
February 03, 2020

When you think about the future of Manitoba, most people think of Jobs, Technology and jobs again. Mike Moore is one the people who knows that the backbone of being ready to join the global economy start with, (Drum Roll Please!) LAND USE.

“It’s always the last half mile that it takes the hardest amount of energy to get there.” – Dorothy Dobbie
January 20, 2020

Dorothy Dobbie is a businesswoman, writer, a photographer, a speaker, a former Politian, a publisher and a radio host.  Why you should care In today’s there are few opportunities for people of two countries to have something, anything,

“Good planning leads to better decision making” – Dave Boles
January 06, 2020

Where do you live? Are you happy there? Are you raising your family in a community you like? Is your house overpriced? Are there cost efficient alternatives to single unit housing in Manitoba? If you have any questions about this topic you must lis...

"The Status Quo is Not Good Enough"
December 16, 2019

Have you ever met someone that is so smart and so accomplished and yet so engaging in their personhood that every time you see them is memorable? That is how it is with Merrell-Ann Phare. She is not a flash in the pan expert,

“We’re no longer waiting for climate change.” – Robert Sandford
December 02, 2019

Bob Sandford has spent his life working to understand our relationship with water here in Manitoba, in Canada and as well as in other parts of the world and he has some strong words and a stark message we had better all pay attention to.

"Grow Up! Get Your Thinking Past You!"
November 20, 2019

Mayor Thompson shares the wisdom of her unique and unvarnished view of her time as one of the most consequential mayors in our history. She shares why it is so important to make collaboration a priority in order to streamline efforts,

"Without A Magnet That Attracts Investment We Have Nothing"
November 13, 2019

The recent announcement of a Capital Region Plan is one of those times in history that could be considered legacy work- it seems that everyone is paying attention to the idea of a regional plan. But what is needed to move us into the future and capital...

"Kings of Lost Opportunity, No More"
November 13, 2019

As the president of the Manitoba Home Builders Association, you would think that Lanny McInnis would think that building homes is the hard part. But the truly hard part talks place long before anyone breaks ground or lays the foundation for any develop...