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Creation Science Podcast - Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

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Junk DNA
December 13, 2019

Junk DNA and EpiGenetics Episode 24 with Dr. Jay Wile What is Junk DNA and how does the study in epigenetics show that scientists are still confounded as a creator God is definitely evident. Special guest, Dr. Jay Wile shares his expertise! -

Exciting Creation News
September 23, 2019

Exciting Creation News ~ Episode 23 It is a fabulous time to be a creation scientist, especially with the exciting Creation Science News! Join Felice Gerwitz and Dr. Jay Wile, an author and acclaimed scientist who will discuss why this is a great time...

Yellowstone – Earth History
September 11, 2019

Yellowstone National Park - A Window into Earth History Episode 22 Yellowstone is the gateway to understanding earth history, in this episode we'll listen to Patrick Nurre as he shares information about the park and the earth. -

Rock Strata and Fossils
August 21, 2019

Rock Strata and the Fossils in Geology Episode 21 Does rock strata and the fossils in geology show anything important? Absolutely in this presentation with Patrick Nurre, he'll share the scientific basis of this and key information. -

Evolution Taught To Kids
August 07, 2019

Evolution Taught To Kids As Truth ~ Episode I've heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid's faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older.

Deism and Modern Geology
June 19, 2019

Deism and Modern Geology - Episode 19 Deism and Geology, what does this have to do with geology? This is an important area to study if we are to understand the evolution/creation debate. - The word, Deism comes from a Latin word, deus,

Tower of Babel – Myth or Real
June 03, 2019

 The Tower of Babel - Episode 18 To get an idea of when the event at the Tower of Babel took place, we have to refer to the genealogies in Genesis. From these, we can figure out that it happened after the Flood, but before the birth of Abraham.

Global Flood
May 22, 2019

The Global Flood Episode 17 The Four Great Global Events of Genesis The Flood - As we talk about the Genesis Global Flood and its significance, it is important to, first of all, determine if it was a global or a local event.

A Novel Approach – Teach Creation To Kids
March 29, 2019

Teach Creation To Kids With A Novel - Episode 16 When you teach creation to kids it can seem overwhelming, perhaps you don't know where to begin. In this interview (listen to the first one here), author Felice Gerwitz interviews her co-author,

Truth Seekers Mystery Series
March 22, 2019

Truth Seekers Mystery Series Episode  - Join Felice Gerwitz as she interviews her co-author in the Truth Seeker's Mystery Series, Christina (Gerwitz) Moss. Christina shares her homeschool experience and how the series evolved from an idea to three boo...