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Create Reach Inspire

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Angus Millen on 'Cutting through the Bull' of Wealth Management
March 20, 2020

To conclude the second series of Create Reach Inspire, I had the opportunity to speak to Angus Millen, founder of Millen Capital. We discuss the importance of financial education, when to start investing and whether robo investment will take over the indu

Dave Zohrob on the Future of Podcasting
March 06, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dave Zohrob, founder of podcast analytics and attribution platform, Chartable. We talk about why analytics are useful to podcasters and share our predictions for where podcasting is heading in the near future.

Matt Byrom: The Dos and Don'ts of Content Strategy
February 21, 2020

It's a phrase that's been flogged to death, but when it comes to building an online presence, content really is king. In this episode I speak to Matt Byrom, founder of 4040 Media all about content marketing, search engine optimisation and a concept that

Andrew Bott: Troubleshooting Tech Recruitment
February 07, 2020

Building a team of talented developers is difficult. I speak to Andrew Bott, Founder of Hired Events - a recruitment event company that connects startups with the right software developers. You can have the best app idea in the world but without the rig

James McAulay: Empowering Musicians With Tech
January 24, 2020

I spoke with James McAulay, co-founder of Encore — the UK’s largest musicians bookings platform. Since its 2014 launch, Encore has become home to over 25,000 musicians and 10,000 bands from every corner of the country. We talk about the importance of com

Nick Horrocks: Mastering the ABC’s of Startup Funding
January 10, 2020

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick Horrocks founder of X.0 Advisory — a new startup corporate finance boutique. We discuss everything from how to raise money as a start up through to starting a business alone with only your cat for com

April 03, 2019

Let's re-cap and take a look back at season one!

Giving Your Team Super Powers!
March 21, 2019

This week I want to talk about why I hire people who are great at turning their hands to many different things. Why getting a great team all of which have their own individual ‘super powers’ is key to success!

Competition! Should you be scared?
March 06, 2019

Every business has competition. (If you don't you're either incredibly lucky or you should be really worried!). However, how is best to deal with the competition as an entrepreneur? It can take its toll mentally - here is some advice to help you get your

Podcast what you preach.
February 20, 2019

Why 2019 should be the year to consider adding podcasting into your marketing mix!Wether your a founder looking to grow your business, a coach looking to build a stronger relationship with clients or a CEO of a organisation with thousands of employees w