CRE® Thought Leaders

CRE® Thought Leaders

Affordable Housing – Top 10 in 20 (with George Vallone, CRE)

August 21, 2020

In this episode, Deborah Cloutier, CRE, discusses affordable housing with George Vallone, CRE. Affordable Housing was listed as the #5 issue in the 2020-21 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate®. In this era of political divisiveness, there are two things that most can agree on: 1) there is a tremendous need for affordable housing throughout America, and 2) there is a strong “Not in My Back Yard” or NIMBY agenda.

George Vallone, CRE, is President & Broker of Record of Hoboken Brownstone Company.  George has extensive experience in urban housing through a socially-conscious approach to development and has built mid-rise and hi-rise condominiums as well as more than 1,000 affordable housing units throughout most of New Jersey's urban markets.

The “Top 10 in 20” series is part of The Counselors of Real Estate’s CRE® Thought Leaders podcast program. In each 20-minute episode, we discuss an issue from the 2020-2021 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate.

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