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18. Got “Virtual Fatigue”? A 4-Part Formula for Keeping Your Audience AND Yourself Energized During Virtual Presentations: Part 2

September 22, 2021

During a virtual presentation, one of the most difficult tasks can be keeping the energy moving and your audience engaged throughout the entire presentation. 
It’s time to relieve yourself of “virtual fatigue”; keep your audience AND yourself energized during your next presentation!
In part two of this mini-series, Deirdre Van Nest reveals the rest of her CETA formula. This formula is THE key to engaging your audience for your entire presentation. Using the CETA formula, will enable you to deliver an EXPERIENCE to your audience, make an emotional connection with listeners through the screen, and help your content come alive.
Deirdre discusses: 

The importance of offering your listener an experience with you, NOT just dumping information—and how you can do this
How to weave “anchors” throughout your content to engage your audience in their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls
How to strategically use certain questions to make your presentation highly interactive
Why you need to make sure your presentation has at least one tangible item the audience can apply to their own life 
And more!


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