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Bonus Ep2: My Wife!
September 28, 2022

On this special bonus episode of Trading Recs, Jaren is away dreaming of matrimony so Greg's wife, Sara, kindly joins to discuss her history with music. We also reflect on the bands we've bonded over

Episode 8: Retreat From The Ultraviolet Laughing (feat. Jordan Banks)
September 07, 2022

Sick of regular fakebooks? Well we got musician Jordan Banks (Error Jordan) on to talk Ultimate Fakebook's This Will Be Laughing Week. Greg and Jaren also share recs for That Dog's Retreat From The Su

Episode 7: Supa Moon Shoes
August 31, 2022

Greg and Jaren catch up and discuss Ravyn Lenae's Moon Shoes EP and Missy Elliot's first album, Supa Fly. We also talk Timbaland, hip hop, Nintendo 64, Spoon, and Music League.

Episode 6: Word Up! To The Enigmatic Ocean of Zapp (feat. John Flannelly)
August 17, 2022

Musician John Flannelly shares his recommendation…

Episode 5: Congratulations PC, You've Won Music Vol. 1
August 03, 2022

This week Jaren and Greg discuss electronic and e…

Episode 4: Catch For Us The Ghosts, Maybe
July 28, 2022

We're back from hiatus and discussing Maybe Ghost…

Episode 3: Sad Blue Pants
June 29, 2022

This weeks recommendations are Castle Oldchair's …

Episode 2: Julie Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Ruined Hill
June 22, 2022

This week we discuss Kathleen Hanna's 1997 self-t…

Bonus Ep 1
June 16, 2022

Our second episode is a bonus episode where Jaren…

Episode 1: Dream To Be Stupid
June 08, 2022

In the augural episode of Trading Recs, Jaren rec…