Latest Episodes

Episode 45: Recriminalization
May 10, 2024

Politicians and much of the media have been lying and whipping up a moral panic. And now, decriminalization in British Columbia is all but dead. In this episode, Garth talks with Crackdown senior prod

Episode 44: Kids on the Block Part 3 – Danny
March 22, 2024

Right wing politicians say safe supply will hurt kids that young people will get hooked on drugs theyd otherwise never try. But kids already use drugs. If we want to protect and stabilize the lives

Episode 43: Kids on the Block Part 2 – Jade
February 16, 2024

Rightwing politicians and media pundits want us to fear safe supply and harm reduction. They say these interventions are putting children and families in danger, when we know the opposite is true. But

Episode 42: Kids on the Block Part 1 – Bones
November 28, 2023

Across the country, politicians and the media are fearmongering about childrens safety. Theyre using a faux concern about families to attack harm reduction and the drug user movement. And their rhet

Episode 41: New Front, Old War
November 21, 2023

Toxic drug deaths continue to break records in BC. We need an immediate expansion on all harm reduction initiatives. More than anything, we need a real safe supply. Instead, the BC NDP is moving backw

Episode 40: Boys Don’t Cry
August 03, 2023

In the trades theres a zero-tolerance policy on substance use. But the construction industry relies on drugs. Cocaine and stimulants help maintain a demanding rate of production and opioids treat the

Episode 39: Backlash
July 06, 2023

A right wing backlash against harm reduction and safe supply is brewing in Canada. Garth Mullins and Sam Fenn tell the story of how we got here and what needs to be done to fight back.

Episode 38: The Knock
June 01, 2023

Being a mother who uses drugs can put you under constant scrutiny from the government. Especially if youre Indigenous. Youre judged and watched. You live in fear of that knock on the door, when they

Episode 37: Drugstore Cowboy
March 22, 2023

Diversion: a cold, technocratic word for when we give, trade or sell our prescribed meds to someone else. A ghost story, whispered among doctors and now, a moral panic, hollered by right wing politici

Episode 36: Some Exceptions Apply
February 02, 2023

BC just decriminalized drugs. Well sort of. For the next three years, its legal to carry 2.5 grams or less of certain illicit drugs. But some exceptions apply. Weve been fighting for decrim for de