Around the Rheum

Around the Rheum

Episode 29: Medical Mysteries #2 with Drs. Angela Hu and Danya Al-Nujaidi

February 17, 2023

"The patient in this case is a 73-year-old woman. [She] was previously healthy and not on any medications... She developed exertional shortness of breath for a few months, which prompted her to visit [the] emergency room. It was discovered that she had bilateral pleural effusion."

And so begins our latest episode of our popular new segment, Clinical Pearls and Medical Mysteries, in which two UBC Rheum Fellows try to stump Dan and Janet with this case, laying out increasingly complex details piece by piece. No spoilers, but we will say that Dan describes Janet's approach to the case in this episode as "Lebron James-like."

Our guests are Dr. Angela Hu, who is finishing her final year of Rheumatology Fellowship at UBC. She is from Vancouver and completed medical school at McMaster University and internal medicine training in Toronto. She has an interest in lupus and will be pursuing an additional fellowship in this. Dr. Danya Al Nujaidi is also in her final year of her Rheumatology Fellowship at UBC. She completed medical school and Internal Medicine Board at IAU in Saudi Arabia.

Special Thanks: Around the Rheum is produced by the Canadian Rheumatology Association's Communications Committee. A special thank you to the podcast team, Dr. Dax G. Rumsey (CRA Communications Committee Chair), Dr. Daniel Ennis (Host), David McGuffin (Producer, Explore Podcast Productions), Erin Stewart (Marketing and Communications Director, CRA) for leading production. Our theme music was composed by Aaron Fontwell.

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