CPA Reviewed #82 - CPA Exam Score Release Survival

March 14, 2018

CPA Reviewed #82 - How to Survive a CPA Exam Score Release


Intro – How to Survive CPA Exam Score Release
Larry - Jeff, I took the AUD exam and am currently waiting for the results. I wanted to seek advice on how to use the NINJA system along with Becker to greatly improve my potential pass rate. I have invested countless amounts of time and energy into the CPA exam and I would like nothing more than to complete FAR this year.
Parth - Thanks for the videos! I am interested in subscribing to NINJA for the monthly. But, before I do, I wanted to ask you something. I am currently taking my review courses with Becker. I have been studying for FAR and should be done with the material by next week. I mainly want to use Ninja as more of a supplemental option to review what I have learned so far. How do you think Ninja can help me with that? I read the study planning strategy, but I don't know how that would apply to me because I have already gone through much of the material with Becker. If you could please give me some guidance when you get a chance, I would appreciate that. Thanks! 
Elisa - If my AUD score expires on 4/30, can I take FAR on 4/30 and keep the credit or does it have to be by 4/29? I'm really pushing it, I know, but living abroad doesn't provide much flexibility. 
Also - I’ve listened to the ninja audios so many times that in my brain I was like “oh yeah, let me just throw this question over to Jeff because we’ve talked about all this accounting stuff so many times now.” 
Anyways, thanks for the response, and a big thanks for ninja! I recommend it to all my friends who are still torturing themselves paying for Becker and watching their videos. Ninja audio and ninja plus have been a delight to listen to and watch. Like really, who doesn't love Bob Monet? I’ve listened to him so many times I feel like y’all are my two accounting pals, well Bob is more like a quirky accounting uncle you want to make proud.
Antony - Hi Jeff! I'm going to start studying for my FAR exam using your NINJA monthly plan and I saw your post that it'll take about 6-7 weeks (20 hours each week) to have a good chance to pass the FAR exam using the NINJA Framework.
I made my 6-week schedule and I was wondering if you could let me know what you think of it. –
Week 1: read the Ninja bookWeek 2: MCQs and SIMSWeek 3: Review the wrong questionsWeek 4: rewrite Ninja NotesWeek 5: re-do MCQs and SimsWeek 6: final review
I'm sorry if my question is all over the place, but I hope that I can get your opinion on it. It'll be very helpful. 
Rachael - Maybe a secret question, but will you be offering any trial period memberships or sneak peaks to the new ninja monthly plan. Honestly I am not studying right now, but will be again soon. I am starting from no passed tests yet (within 7 pts) and had a concussion and two babies to recover from since my last test. Crossing fingers to study again in the fall! 
I have used ninja notes and a ninja book & test bank but always wanted to try the audio and other products.
Keep up the good work and the awesome products. You rock!!! And one day, I will Rock the CPA exam too!!
Lucy - My name is Lucy and I’m new to Ninja. I just looked through the NINJA Materials and the NINJA framework (in the notes) states that I should watch my CPA review videos first before anything.
By ”videos”, is it the ones from NINJA BLITZ or my Becker lecture videos? I relied on Becker to study for AUD but unfortunately did not pass, so now I’m confused regarding which studying method I should use for my retake, which is in 4 weeks.
Since my time is limited, would it be a bad idea to study solely Ninjia materials for my retake? Would you recommend me to rewatch Becker lectures and redo Becker MCQs + NINJA materials?

Additionally, in terms of NINJA study, would it be a good plan to first listen to the audios (without taking notes), then watch the BLITZ (while taking notes)?
Or visa-versa?
Sorry for shooting you with a bunch of questions at once,