Covert Contact

Covert Contact

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Shortwave Numbers Stations | Episode 118
October 01, 2020

Scot Terban joined me to discuss the use of shortwave numbers stations, recently declassified KGB investigative techniques for identifying recipients of those broadcasts, how shortwave has changed with the introduction of the internet,

Chinese Spies in US Law Enforcement – And Everywhere Else | Episode 117
September 25, 2020

The regular counterintelligence chat with William Tucker is a day late but full of new Chinese espionage activity in the NYPD, the EU, and beyond. We also touch on intelligence history and why literature from the Middle Ages or beyond is not only fasci...

The Threat of Fake Spies | Episode 116
September 17, 2020

William Tucker returns to discuss the incredible case of Garrison Courtney and Alpha-214. Posing as a CIA NOC Courtney was able to engineer a scheme that duped numerous beltway contractors, intelligence officials, former military officers and many others.

Election Threats and Disrupting Chinese Espionage | Episode 115
September 10, 2020

William Tucker joins me for our weekly counterintelligence chat. In this episode we discuss the recent report for Microsoft that details Russian, Chinese, and Iranian attacks on individuals and organizations tied to our presidential campaigns and the r...

French Officer Busted Spying on NATO for GRU & Other Espionage Cases | 114
September 04, 2020

William Tucker joins me to discuss two high profile cases this week, sloppy Chinese tradecraft, and why it always pays to visit the FBI before the FBI visits you.

Russians Targeted Tesla Gigafactory in Ransomware Plot | Episode 113
September 01, 2020

Scot Terban is back to discuss the plot, common points of vulnerability, and what you can do it, like a Tesla employee, you find yourself in the middle of a Russian criminal plot.

Texas A&M, NASA, and Chinese Espionage | Episode 112
August 28, 2020

William Tucker joins me to discuss the Zhengdong Cheng case, how Chinese espionage might need to evolve, global awareness of the scope of Chinas spying, and how organizations can protect themselves i

Careers in Intelligence: Beyond the Three Letter Agencies |Episode 111
August 23, 2020

Dean Baratta joins me to discuss the rapidly diversifying and expanding non-traditional career paths in intelligence. We also touch on some tips for those looking to enter the field.

Spying for Russia: The Peter Debbins Case | Episode 110
August 22, 2020

William Tucker joins me again to look into yesterdays indictment of Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, a former Green Beret alleged to have worked for Russian intelligence for over a decade.

Counterintelligence Chat: Alexei Navalny & Alexander Ma | Episode 109
August 20, 2020

William Tucker returns to look at the apparent poisoning of Alexei Navalny and yet another Chinese espionage case, this time involving Alexander Ma. Its a classic case, with a Hawaii connection, and