Latest Episodes

Episode 258. (Frank) Lopardopalooza
April 18, 2024

Today I present to you the American lyric tenor Frank Lopardo, who from 1984 through 2014 appeared in all the major opera houses of the world, celebrated particularly for his Mozart and Rossini roles.

Episode 257. The Marvelous Marvis Martin
April 09, 2024

I have been juggling a number of brand new episode ideas for the coming weeks, but when I discovered that Sunday April 7 was the birthday of Marvis Martin, one of my favorite sopranos, I put all those

Episode 256. Mari Lyn’s Golden Treasury of Chutzpah (Alternate Universe Bel Canto III)
April 01, 2024

Many of my listeners look forward with eager anticipation to my annual April Fools episodes, and todays packs a particularly powerful punch! A few months back my friend Thomas Bagwell, a perpetual f

Episode 255. Art Songs for Holy Week
March 28, 2024

I return to you with one final episode for the month of March, again focusing on Holy Week. In this case, I present to you art songs on contemplative, Biblical, even Lenten themes. Composers represent

Episode 254. Holy Week with the Romantics
March 27, 2024

Once again we have reached the climax of the penitential season of Lent, the most theologically significant week in the Christian calendar, namely Holy Week. Even for those who are not observant Chris

Episode 253. Randall Scarlata Introduces Gérard Souzay (Listeners’ Favorites)
March 25, 2024

The French baritone Grard Souzay was born Grard Tisserand on 8 December 1918 and died in Antibes on 17 August 2004. This episode was one of my first episodes, originally posted in honor of his then

Episode 252. Zsolt Bognár Introduces A Baritonal Schubertiade (Listeners’ Favorites)
March 20, 2024

I was thrilled to discover a while back that the pianist, interviewer, and journalist Zsolt Bognr, who produces the video series Living the Classical Life, is a devoted fan of Countermelody. We recen

Episode 251. Jeremy Osborne Introduces Igor Gorin (Listeners’ Favorites)
March 18, 2024

Todays segment in the Great Baritones division of my Listeners Favorites series is introduced by my friend, baritone Jeremy Osborne, like me an American expat in Berlin. In the nearly ten years that

Episode 250. Julian Long Introduces Jorma Hynninen (Listeners’ Favorites)
March 13, 2024

(Leavin on a jet plane this afternoon, so posting a day or so early!) - It is a wonderful thing when friends share a favorite singer. Such is the case with my friend of long-standing, Julian Long (on

Episode 249. Gavin Carr Introduces Heinrich Rehkemper (Listeners’ Favorites)
March 11, 2024

This months series of Listeners Favorites continues with the baritone Heinrich Rehkemper (1894-1949), presented to you today by my dear friend, the esteemed conductor Gavin Carr, who is the very per