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Counsellor CDP Podcast for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Humour in Therapy

November 21, 2015

Humour in therapy
with Andrew J Landsdown
What part does humour play in therapy ?

Can we use humour in therapy?

Therapist and author  Andrew J Landsdown based his masters research on the appropriate use of humour in therapy,  his findings published in his book 'The Humour Triangle', has generated  much debate in the therapeutic world , one reviewer making reference to the findings as   "A Breath of fresh air" .

In this podcast Andrew, explains some of the historic ideas  with reference to humour  in therapy as well as as well as exploring  a clear structure that a practitioner can draw on, if they feel that a humorous response would aid congruence and help build a stronger therapeutic alliance.
In this episode you will learn about

Historic concepts of humour in psychotherapy
How to use humour in therapy
The difference between humour and joke telling
How studying comedy helped aid the understand of timing a humorous response
Why not acknowledging humour may lead to therapist incongruence
How using humour in therapy can build and enhance the therapeutic relationship

As part of his research, Andrew spent time interviewing professional comedians to help gain  insight in to what is the essence of humour , as well as gaining an understanding of  how the timing of a humorous interaction can aid or hamper our work with clients.

The book also acknowledges Andrews own learning journey as  discovers and works with his diagnoses of dyslexia,  a story which is both touching and inspirational, to those who are touched by this unique way of viewing and understanding the world.
Resources mentioned in this episode
Publishers interview with Andrew

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