Counsellor CDP Podcast for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Counsellor CDP Podcast for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Online Therapy Training

October 09, 2015

Online Therapy Training
with Dr. Kate Anthony
A guide to working therapeutically online
The use of technology in counselling is not a new idea, half a century ago the psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers was utilising tape recorders to capture therapeutic interactions between his students and their clients.

Online therapy training, is an essential requirement for any practitioner who wishes to engage with clients using technology from phones to video conferencing.

In this interview Dr. Kate Anthony from the Online Therapy Institute, shares her insights into this emerging form of therapy, practiced in a virtual world and why online therapy training is an essential requirement for practicing both safely and ethically. You can check our Dr Kate Anthony's online therapy training by clicking here.
In this episode you will learn about

History of online therapy and counselling.
Radical uses of technology that help clients with mental health issues.
Why Skype, may be unsuitable for communicating with clients.
Virtual spaces and avatar counselling.
An overview of what online mental health and coaching services look like ,what forms of communication are used.
Ethical guidelines and resources, for online counsellors and psychotherapists.
The future of online mental health services.

Dr.Anthony makes reference to a number of useful online resources including ‘Plus Guidance' , a free online platform for therapists and clients to connect via email, chat and video.

This Counsellor CPD Podcast episode online therapy training  makes reference to the book ‘The Use of Technology in Mental Health' by Kate Anthony, DeeAnna Nagel and Stephen Goss
Resources mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Kate Anthony's blog