Healing Choices: Conversations on Addiction and Recovery

Healing Choices: Conversations on Addiction and Recovery

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How Do We Address the Mental Health Needs of the Veteran Community?
November 03, 2020

Thirty percent of active and reserve duty military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition. Less than half of these veterans will receive the help they need. Why do so many veterans struggle with substance use and othe...

The Connection Between Trauma & Addiction, with John O’Neill
June 26, 2020

Lori invites John O'Neill of The Menninger Clinic to discuss the connection between trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse. With the whirlwind of shocking events occurring in the world, from COVID-19, to the economic collapse,

The Connection Between Substance Abuse & Suicide, with Dr. Sam Buser & Kimi Buser-Clancy
May 21, 2020

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we invited Dr. Sam Buser, psychologist for the Houston Fire Department, and his daughter Kimi Buser-Clancy, actor and activist, to our podcast to discuss the connection between substance abuse and suicide,

Coping & Self-Care: How Do I Take Care of My Mental Health During COVID-19?
April 21, 2020

In this episode of Healing Choices: Conversations on Addiction and Recovery, President and CEO Mel Taylor and Clinical Director of the Center for Recovering Families Lori Fiester meet virtually to discuss how to best take care of your mental health dur...

Mindfulness: Strengthening the Relationship Between Mind and Body
March 18, 2020

Here at The Council on Recovery, we believe in the power of mindfulness to aide us in difficult times. Mindfulness is the act of developing awareness of how we think and process information. We do this through focusing on the moment at hand and letting...

Codependency & Addiction: When Does Loving Others Become Unhealthy?
February 26, 2020

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but this celebrated holiday stirred the minds of our clinician staff here at The Council. Romantic relationships can be a source of great joy for many people, but it can also be a source of some of our deepest struggl...

Resolutions: What Does it Take to Truly Quit Something?
January 27, 2020

In this episode of our newly reimagined podcast, Houston addiction recovery experts Mel Taylor and Lori Fiester discuss resolutions and what it takes to truly quit something, whether it's a bad habit or fully developed addiction.

As Addiction Boils Over, Expert Advice for Saving Your Kids’ Lives
July 01, 2019

The opioid epidemic is boiling over. Addiction, including alcoholism, is killing hundreds of thousands and destroying millions of lives. Especially tragic is addiction’s ravaging effects on teenagers and young adults.

Unspoken Legacy: Claudia Black on the Destructive Impact of Trauma and Addiction within the Family
June 24, 2019

Dr. Claudia Black, one of the world’s leading experts on family systems and addiction, reveals the startling connection between the psychological injuries experienced in childhood and the long-term trauma and

One Father’s Nightmare: His Daughter’s Life-and-Death Struggle with Addiction
June 12, 2019

In our premier episode, our guest, Bob C., shares an extraordinary story of his amazing efforts to save his daughter’s life during her 15 year odyssey with drug addiction and mental illness. At times, he thought he had lost her. But he also