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Correct Me If I’m Wrong

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Ep. 24 Porsha (H.B.I.C) Head Butterfly In Charge
November 23, 2020

Hey Correct Me If I'm Wrong listeners! Have you ever just loved planning parties or hosting an event? Well this episode is for you or if you ever just wanted to know how party planners get things done. I got the scoop right here. I get to talk to Stockton

Ep. 23 Denise Carson- "Stranded Between Doubt and Faith"
June 22, 2020

Peace be with you all.. OM Queens and Kings… It’s been a min since I dropped an episode. Let me welcome all my new listeners and my current listeners back to Correct Me If I’m Wrong the Podcast. I am ya girl Ashley. I had the pleasure to talk with Denise

S3 Ep. 22- "From Chivalry to Sex Magic"
February 07, 2020

WARNING LANGUAGE- In this episode, I sit down with three individuals with different perspectives. We talk about is Chivarly dead to Sex Magic. You don’t want to miss out on this conversation. Also if you want to chime in and give your opinion on anything

S3 Ep. 21- 2020 Goals & Communities
January 24, 2020

What’s a best way to start off a New Year with some positive goals for the upcoming year! Also on this day it marks the one year anniversary! I give you the 5 floors to starting a tight foundation. Like, share and follow @crtmeifimwrong --- This episo

Ep. 20 Jamie Madeline Edwards- “The Power is Within The Womb”
December 12, 2019

Hey CMIIW listeners. Ladies and Men, have you ever wonder what a Doula is? Or what it’ll be like to have your baby delivered at home? If you answered yes to either one of those questions Then this episode is for you. I get the privilege to chat with Jamie

Ep. 19- Nika & DaShawn Gregg- "The Family Hustle"
October 14, 2019

In this episode I sit back down with Nika Gregg one of the founders of Carter N Irie Apparel. CNIA is for our student-athletes families sponsored by CNIA (Carter N Irie Apparel) she's also the founder of IME Transformational sports coaching, coaching The

Episode 18- NeneMoe Music “The TRUTH to her Hustle”
September 03, 2019

What’s up listeners welcome back. This is Episode 18! On this Episode I get to talk to local Artist NeneMoe. We talk about her music, the work behind the scenes of becoming a Female Rap Artist. We also talk about her new Album Truth, with her touching tra

Ep. 17- Josiah Greer- "Dedication and Motivation is the Key"
August 26, 2019

What’s up "Correct Me if I'm wrong" listeners, welcome back this is Episode 17. I get to sit with Josiah Greer a local Sacramento entrepreneur. While making a name for himself, he became a very well known Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur here in the

S2 Ep.16 LaLo Zepeda- “The Barber on the Rise”
July 29, 2019

What’s up listeners, this is Episode 16- I sit down with Lalo Zepeda a well-known entrepreneur barber in the Midtown Sacramento area. . Lalo is a Sacramento Native and business owner who is killing the Barber game. I hope you all enjoy this episode let’s

S2 Ep. 15- Laterica Riddix "Your Inner Child and Your Inner Beauty"
July 24, 2019

S2 Episode 15. On this Episode, I sit down with Laterica Riddix a local Sacramento Business owner at High Maintenance Skin Studio and also one of 2019 Calling All Dreamers Finalist. Laterica is a licensed Esthetician, she has a strong passion for helping