Corona with Kate

Corona with Kate

Latest Episodes

Ap exam preparation!
April 21, 2020

How I will try to prepare for the ap bio exam.

Corona virus talk with my Dad!
April 16, 2020

Me and my Dad talk about how the corona virus has affected us.

Exercising and Food!
April 16, 2020

What I’ve been doing to keep myself happy!

Netflix Party, Google forms, and the Sims 4
April 14, 2020

A podcast on how I’ve been surviving quarantine and what’s kept me entertained.

The green slide
April 07, 2020

The story of how a fun convention can easily turn to chaos from a simple object.

Corona in captivity
March 26, 2020

As quarantine goes on, I find myself more bored than ever and I finally start to see people on social media take this pandemic seriously.