Cookies and Kale

Cookies and Kale

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18 - Bad Days Happen: Here’s How to Get Back on Track
April 04, 2019

I tried on a bathing suit from Target and the moment didn’t go well. Learn how I got past the emotions and didn’t let the experience hold me back! You are worth it.

16 - Did I Contribute to Diet Culture?
March 13, 2019

I recently read a post on Instagram that made me stop in my tracks and think “am I contributing to diet culture?” On this episode, I chat through some of the challenges the world of social media creates and why it’s essential - now more than ever - to lea

Ep. 15: OK So What's The Deal With Calories?
February 28, 2019

I feel like the Calorie Weight Loss Argument is making a comeback - in a negative, don't-focus-on-health kind of way. So, what's the actual deal with calories??

Ep. 14 - What to Do When Things Go Wrong
February 26, 2019

Life happens! What do you do to help stay on track when roadblocks, speed bumps, or life's challenges get in your way? Tune in for some of my top tips!

Ep. 13: What Are Non-Negotiables, And Why Do They Matter?
February 18, 2019

Sometimes the biggest difference between "diet" and "lifestyle" is enjoying something you realllllllly love, guilt free, in moderation. But learning how to have balance, in the name of health, can feel overwhelming. Figuring out what your non-negotiables

Ep. 12: Stop Shoulding Yourself
February 13, 2019

"What SHOULD I eat to lose weight?" "How SHOULD I act if I want him to like me?" "What exercise SHOULD I do to get toned abs?" We've all been there - asking what we SHOULD do to achieve a goal. Learn why this approach can be detrimental to longterm happin

Ep. 10 - How a Fight About Moose Helped Me Kick My Eating Disorder And Find Faith & Freedom
February 09, 2019

Sometimes it takes a bit of faith to make monumental shifts. Learn what helped me finally get past my eating disorder and lay the healthy foundation for a new mindset and relationship with my health.

Ep. 7: No Need to Do it ALL (The Health Freedom Formula Pt. 2)
February 05, 2019

Making healthy changes can feel overwhelming. This episode helps you break it down so you can only do what matters most. Part 2 of the Health Freedom Formula.

Ep. 4: The Best Tactic For Navigating Toddler Birthdays and Super Bowl Parties
February 04, 2019

What do toddler birthday parties and Super Bowl have in common? Food! And probably not the healthiest options. Learn the best tactic for getting through any event, without feeling defeated in your goals.

Ep. 6: The Most-Often Missed Step For Achieving Lasting Results (The Health Freedom Formula Pt. 1)
February 04, 2019

Try as you might, lasting success sometimes feels impossible. Learn the number one thing most people overlook when it comes to health changes and goals! Tune into part 1 of The Health Freedom Formula.