Conversations On Purpose

Conversations On Purpose

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Episode 1.5 The Wakeup Call
May 29, 2019

How does someone with the luxury car, fancy suits and high-paying financial investment career suddenly believe he has to quit and throw it all away? In this episode, Brandon Hatton of The Hatton Group of Raymond James talks about his views on...

Episode 1.4 Drinking Water - With A Purpose
April 26, 2019

Since its inception, Canned Water 4 Kids has developed sustainable water solutions worldwide to millions — mostly children — and assisted with disaster relief in Japan, Haiti and across the US for many more. And it all started with CEO &...

Episode 1.3 Self-Awareness & Social Innovation
April 24, 2019

From his early days being raised in what he calls "the most Catholic family in the world," Charles Ries says it's no surprise he's spent his life fundraising. Now the Senior Director of Principle Gifts & Innovation at Marquette University (as well...

Episode 1.2 Fighting For Life, Purpose & Passion
March 27, 2019

After cheating death twice in his life, Norrie Daroga, Founder & CEO of iDAvatars, developed a passion for pursuing purpose in his work. He goes in-depth with Romke de Haan and co-host Michael De Boer about where technology and artificial...

Episode 1.1 - Multiple Paths, One Purpose
February 27, 2019

Consultant and author, Deanna Singh, shares the impetus behind her book, "Purposeful Hustle" with Romke de Haan and co-host Dechazier Pykel. She discusses the greatest gift leaders can give their employees when aligning an organization's purpose,...