Converging Streams: Interfaith Fellowship in our Modern World

Converging Streams: Interfaith Fellowship in our Modern World

Latest Episodes

Delayed Gratification in an Instant Gratification World
July 25, 2018

Rev. George Wolfe, participating in a panel talk, shares insights on benefits of delaying gratification and meditation practices as demonstrated across multiple faith traditions. This episode contains excerpts from a panel talk at the 2012 Conference on W

Relationships based on profit versus relationships based on caring
July 18, 2018

Is love a motivator for your relationships or are they driven by profit? (Recorded live at the Unity Church of Anderson, Indiana)

Toward a Positive Peace
April 15, 2015

What defines non-violent activism? Is it passive? An examination of action taken with the intent of doing no harm and holding reverence for life.

Henry David Thoreau -Transcendentalist or Unitarian?
April 14, 2015

What lessons can be found for contemporary living in Thoreau’s experiences on Walden pond?

Give Peace a Chance
April 13, 2015

A study of how we can remove conflict from within ourselves from the perspective of mediation and positive peace.

Earth Day, Easter, and Human Extinction
April 12, 2015

An examination of how humans can meet our needs but not our greeds using the studies of Buckminster Fuller as a lens.

A Converging Streams and Muncie Interfaith Fellowship Retrospective
April 11, 2015

A summary discussion on various outreach programs of the Muncie Interfaith Fellowship, including Converging Streams, and a view into peace studies education and academic freedom in American colleges and universities.

The Myth of Redemptive Violence
May 18, 2008

Do world religions truly call for redemption in response to violent acts against people?

Taoism and Non-Violence
May 11, 2008

George Wolfe finds the path to non-violence in the Tao, finding a similar path as in the Christian tradition.

Interfaith Tolerance as Expressed in The Garden of Ruth Part 2
April 15, 2007

A continuation of Dr. Wolfe’s interview with Eva Etzioni-Halevy, an Israeli author, about her fictional novel The Garden of Ruth, which relates to the story of Ruth in the Judeo-Christian tradition and has a message for interfaith dialogue. Dr. Wolfe di