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#74 - Imposter Warrior - Lacey Trost
October 05, 2021

is clearly one of our favorite guests in recent history. Her story and humility are one of a kind as far as conventioNOT guests go. After growing up in Florida, she and her wife undertook one of the b

#73 - Talking Through It - conventioNOT
September 07, 2021

The guys catch up one on one for their annual summer-ending episode. It gets a little deep, including a how-to-travel guide when living out of state, new show formating and some really deep discussion

#72 - A Grow Culture - Graham Meriwether
July 22, 2021

Graham Meriwether started his career as a filmaker in an interesting way, chasing bodies around the streets of Detroit. Even though the young documentatian hadn't found his calling, he knew that he wa

#71 - Practice Mentality - Johnny Gillespie
May 19, 2021

A balanced athlete's journey to mentorship

#70 - Gritty Love - Dave Regan
May 11, 2021

A Professor's climb to stay grounded

#69 - Culinary Cousins - conventioNOT Masters
March 29, 2021

Featuring experts: Chris Warsow, Lawrence LaPianta & Will Branch

#68 Favorite Clips: Volume 2
March 17, 2021

Closing 2020, an idea was born: to let our listeners hear some of the behind-the-scenes commentary about the many guests who decide to share their time and record stories about the details of their lives. This episode is the second rendition of our...

#67 - International Sole - Jay Shuang
March 09, 2021

Shanghai, Sneakers, School and Super Hero

#66 - People and Possibility - Brett M Cooper
March 02, 2021

Abandoning the idea that social skills are 'soft'

#65 - Intersectional Trail - Neel Agrawal
February 17, 2021

A melody of inspiration and driving toward happines