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#84 - Escape from Status Quo - Michael Wayne Foster
July 27, 2022

Michael Wayne Foster breaks molds. Foster was a teacher in the high schools of his hometown when he started life after college. Pretty normal, but this larger than life dude is far from normal. It wa

#83 - A Father’s Tale - Dan Sinnott Sr
June 19, 2022

Dan Sinnott Sr has experienced more in a single lifetime than most families. He was a young man when he realized that the life of a Detroit Police Officer - and the negative experiences life as a cop

#82 - Brick by Brick - Taylor Duerr
May 12, 2022

When first stepped onto the professional fight scene, he was already kind of a big deal. Not just because of his size, because of his heart. He's had plenty of nicknames in his career and Duerr, a fo

#81 - Know Your Why - Jim Baudino
April 20, 2022

When first told his friends that he was leaving his acclaimed automotive career to get into the cannibis business, his friends undoubtedly wondered what he was thinking. The thing is, he'd always bee

#80 - Finding Joy - Dana Frost
April 13, 2022

Dana Frost wakes up every day feeling lifes full effect. As a young person, she lost her spouse, Brad to cancer, fought her own battle with the disease and faced the realities that most people dont

#79 - Eye of the Storm - Matt Allen
March 21, 2022

lovingly recalls the days when his work was as simple as cleaning up oil spills. This lifelong scientist and creative thinker has now moved on to larger pastures, so to speak. Mike was excited to reco

#78 - Hawaii 22 - conventioNOT Podcast
February 06, 2022

Just like that, conventioNOT is nearing 100 hours of content. Funny to think that through all those interviews, teary stories and podcast bliss - Mike & McD have never recorded in the same room. After

#77 - Seeking Authenticity - Flint Mitchell
December 15, 2021

is a unique guest who is busy stacking perspective. Hes an engineer, scientist, surfer, podcaster and now author. Whats really cool about this guy is that hes humble about the way opportunities a

#76 - Endurance Executive - Eric Mannix
November 14, 2021

is a competitor. Lots of senior leaders at big companies are. The CFO of is dedicated to growing the success of the manufacturing plants that he now runs. But theres something a little different abo

#75 - Supreme Ability - Justice Richard Bernstein
October 28, 2021

Michigan State Supreme Court Justice joins the guys and holds court about issues near and dear to heart, career and his strong faith. Sure, the guy has been elected to one of the highest courts in Am