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#76 - Endurance Executive - Eric Mannix
November 14, 2021

is a competitor. Lots of senior leaders at big companies are. The CFO of is dedicated to growing the success of the manufacturing plants that he now runs. But there’s something a little different abo

#75 - Supreme Ability - Justice Richard Bernstein
October 28, 2021

Michigan State Supreme Court Justice joins the guys and holds court about issues near and dear to heart, career and his strong faith. Sure, the guy has been elected to one of the highest courts in Am

#74 - Imposter Warrior - Lacey Trost
October 05, 2021

is clearly one of our favorite guests in recent history. Her story and humility are one of a kind as far as conventioNOT guests go. After growing up in Florida, she and her wife undertook one of the b

#73 - Talking Through It - conventioNOT
September 07, 2021

The guys catch up one on one for their annual summer-ending episode. It gets a little deep, including a how-to-travel guide when living out of state, new show formating and some really deep discussion

#72 - A Grow Culture - Graham Meriwether
July 22, 2021

Graham Meriwether started his career as a filmaker in an interesting way, chasing bodies around the streets of Detroit. Even though the young documentatian hadn't found his calling, he knew that he wa

#71 - Practice Mentality - Johnny Gillespie
May 19, 2021

A balanced athlete's journey to mentorship

#70 - Gritty Love - Dave Regan
May 11, 2021

A Professor's climb to stay grounded

#69 - Culinary Cousins - conventioNOT Masters
March 29, 2021

Featuring experts: Chris Warsow, Lawrence LaPianta & Will Branch

#68 Favorite Clips: Volume 2
March 17, 2021

Closing 2020, an idea was born: to let our listeners hear some of the behind-the-scenes commentary about the many guests who decide to share their time and record stories about the details of their lives. This episode is the second rendition of our...

#67 - International Sole - Jay Shuang
March 09, 2021

Shanghai, Sneakers, School and Super Hero