Content Content podcast with Ed Marsh

Content Content podcast with Ed Marsh

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XML is a four-letter word with Alan J. Porter – Content Content podcast
March 14, 2019

Alan J. Porter, Head of Strategic Services Practice at [A], talks to Ed Marsh about why tech writers are now content engineers, why metadata is important, what it's like to document massive hardware, and more.

I have issues with slide decks with Scott Abel – Content Content podcast
November 20, 2018

Scott Abel, also known as The Content Wrangler and the host of Information Development World, talks to Ed Marsh about the parallels between music and single sourcing, smooth segues between paragraphs, intelligent content,

Experiences have to be assembled with Cruce Saunders – Content Content podcast
September 14, 2018

In an intense episode focused on intelligent content, Cruce Saunders of [ A ] and Ed Marsh discuss content in the enterprise and how to make it an asset in the C-suite, job titles in the content world, lightweight markup languages, and much more. -

Holding somebody else’s place with Sean Heckman – Content Content podcast
April 20, 2018

Sean Heckman was a racer, a figure skater, a TV writer and producer, almost a lawyer, and finally owner of The Media Barons and a podcast mogul. Learn what it's like to drive across the USA for 30+ days interviewing racing legends,

I can eat glass with Keith Schengili-Roberts – Content Content podcast episode 22
March 13, 2018

Keith Schengili-Roberts, market researcher and DITA Evangelist for IXIASOFT, and Ed Marsh discuss the old days of HTML, Archie, Veronica, fax software, and more. We also talk about what the hell a DITA evangelist does.

Installation is not a user task featuring Andrea Ames – Content Content podcast episode 21
January 23, 2018

Andrea Ames and Ed Marsh discuss the evolution of the technical communication field, the number of job titles for technical communicators, the frustrations of proving your value, and laugh a lot.Andrea Ames, Content Content podcast episode 21 guest

The price is right with Tim Esposito – Content Content podcast episode 20
November 30, 2017

Timothy Esposito is a principal technical writer for Oracle, and current STC Philadelphia Metro chapter President. We talk about a career of service, Y2k, what it takes to run a successful volunteer organization, hiking, and, of course, beer.

Same mess different tools with Liz Fraley – Content Content episode 19
September 12, 2017

Elizabeth Fraley runs Single-Sourcing Solutions in Sunnyvale, Ca. We geek out about the history of structured authoring, how her opinions have changed in 17 years of technical writing, and how many books a year are too many to read.

Emo analytics with Allie Proff – Content Content episode 17
July 26, 2017

Allie Proff works for freaking Boeing. We discuss emotive analytics, technical storytelling, technology as a tool for good and bad, and a meta podcast moment. Mentioned during this episode: Allie Proff, Content Content podcast episode 17 guest -

Be like Thomas Pynchon with Pawel Kowaluk – Content Content episode 16
June 27, 2017

Interviews with technical communicators, content strategists, and content professionals