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Constructed Criticism 465: Gerry Thompson
July 11, 2023

With Heezy and Abe out Mason is joined by none other than Gerry Thompson to discuss all things Magic. Swag

Drafting Archetypes Episode 126: How to Draft Gx in LOTR
July 08, 2023

This week @samuelhblack covers Gx Decks in Lord of the Rings limited Patreon: Store: Follow Sam:Twitter:http

Constructed Criticism 464: Pioneer Mega Rankings post RCs
July 05, 2023

This week the guys dive into Pioneer with the data from the final 6 regional championshipsEvents covered: South America

Drafting Archetypes Episode 125: Blue White in #MTGLOTR
July 02, 2023

This week Sam Black sets out to teach you about UW in Lord of the Rings limited Patreon: Store: Follow

Constructed Criticism 463: LOTR Modern Impact Week 1
June 28, 2023

This week Abe is back to discuss LOTR in Modern #MTG with Mason and Heezy Data: Decks:

Drafting Archetypes Episode 124: Red Black in #MTGLOTR
June 26, 2023

This week Sam Black dives deeper into the new Lord of the Rings set with Rakdos in #MTG Draft for

Constructed Criticism 462: How We Playtest
June 22, 2023

Heezy and Mason sit down to discuss things they do to maximize their time when they playtest in #mtg Swag

Drafting Archetypes Episode 123: Lord of the Rings in #MTG
June 18, 2023

This week #MTG pro Sam Black dives into his LOTR overview Patreon: Store: Follow Sam:Twitter:https://twitter.c

Constructed Criticism 461: #MTGLOTR Pick 2 Set Review
June 15, 2023

Its time to talk Lord of the Rings in #MTG with our Pick 2 Set Review Swag Store: Sponsors: Follow

Drafting Archetypes Episode 122: Green White in #MTGMOM
June 09, 2023

Sam Black wraps up his series for March of the Machine with Green White Patreon: Store: Follow Sam:Twitter:htt