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Remember – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
July 25, 2021

If a truly deadly variant of COVID-19 were to appear, would anyone believe Dr. Fauci when he said so? If Jen Psaki were to tell you that the White House will no longer flag "misinformation" for Facebo

Despotism and Misinformation Rule the Day
July 24, 2021

While we've been distracted by political shows and swamped with propaganda, those in power have been diluting the meaning our Founding Fathers put into the Constitution. Unless the American people onc

The Tyrannical States of America
July 23, 2021

We have the President and his press secretary confessing on national television that they are out to destroy your right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and to be secure from unreasonable s

If We Cannot Trust Our Elections, Are We Still a Republic?
July 22, 2021

This may go down as the most questionable election in American history. We have federal officials making baseless claims about voter integrity laws, state actors impending audits, and courts in the mi

What are Your Property Rights?
July 21, 2021

What does that mean in a practical sense? Today, I'll be looking at several Supreme Court cases revolving around your right to property. I'll also be looking at several events from the news regarding

Federal Supremacy or State Sovereignty
July 20, 2021

Did the federal government create the states or the other way around? Does the federal government tell the states what they can do, or do the states order the federal government around? Once we unders

The War of Words Put Liberty in Danger
July 18, 2021

Unlike the character Vizzini in Princess Bride, it's not that the words don't mean what these people think. I think it is much more dastardly than that. I believe these people are using words as weapo

Targeting Big Tech Censorship
July 17, 2021

You are not powerless before the Big Tech Overlords take over your life. All it takes is a little education, gumption, and willingness to act to protect your liberty. I start by looking at the class a

Are you willing to join the #COVIDTeaParty?
July 15, 2021

Should we see the tyranny being foisted on us, the illegal mandates, the unjust laws, and the constant coercion and bullying to comply with government wishes, and metaphorically throw them overboard?

Government Infringing on Religious Liberty
July 14, 2021

When I say "Religious Liberty," what comes to mind? Is it the freedom to go to church, to wear a crucifix, yamaka, or hijab? Is it the ability to not work on your chosen holy day? What if I were to te