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Holiday Special: New Year's
January 09, 2020

The holidays are over, and the new year (decade!) has begun. Tune in to the finale of this Holiday Special as Jaron, Drew, and their guest Jill discuss the past, present, and future life full of fluctuating feelings, family, and faith.

Holiday Special: Christmas
December 17, 2019

Drew & Jaron finally open up the conversation to their very first guest as they talk about the true meaning of Christmas! Enjoy!

Holiday Special: Advent
December 04, 2019

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but Christmas is still a few weeks away. In Part 2 of this Holiday Special, Drew & Jaron discuss the season of waiting known as Advent. It's not too early to listen to this Christmas podcast!

Holiday Special: Thanksgiving
November 21, 2019

After a long hiatus, Drew & Jaron are back with a 4-part Holiday Special! This first installment covers all things Thanksgiving! Curious about the history of Thanksgiving? Jaron (and Wikipedia) has the scoop! Interested in how the Christian faith cele

Keeping Time
May 30, 2019

All good things must come to an end. For now, at least. Drew & Jaron wrap up Season 1 by finishing their 1 John series with a conversation about eternity, commands, and Aesop's famous fable. You know the one. See you all next season!

God Became One Of Us So That...
May 23, 2019

On the penultimate episode of the season, Drew & Jaron sweat it out in the studio over a conversation about God, love, and invisibility. 

Astray, Adrift, and Askew
May 16, 2019

Drew & Jaron continue their search for life as 1 John guides them through conversations about love, eternity, preparation, and Quantum Leap.

Love, Hate, and Other Filters
May 09, 2019

Mother's Day is a time for us to appreciate the women in our lives who give so much of themselves even though it often goes unnoticed. For Drew & Jaron, Mother's Day is also the perfect time to talk about the life, light, and love of Jesus in 1 John.

Graduate Sunday 2019
May 02, 2019

In this special episode, Jaron & Drew switch places and see what it's like on the other side of the mic. It takes just a few minutes for our hosts to settle in before they are off talking about light, darkness, confession, and questionable traffic law

At Second Glance
April 25, 2019

It's an Easter sequel with Drew & Jaron! The Risen Christ deserves a second look (at least), so this week our hosts spend a little more time with the story of Jesus' resurrection. Also, in light of the NFL Draft, Considerable Thought participates in i