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Orgasmic Living

Are You Too Much?

January 10, 2020

What is too much?
Anything more than the limited amount of energy that someone else is willing to have is too much. Dr. Din Heer gave me this explanation and it enlightened me on this question!
So how do you live your life based on that concept?
Take a moment to really get present and think about how you are choosing to live your life.
I was in Las Vegas last week interviewing producers for my upcoming TV media tour. I came across this one particular producer that stated I was “too much”. It was such an interesting exchange because I had been the same amount of energy with all of the other producers.  All but one thought that I was an amazing energy and couldn’t wait to have me on their show!   
Yet this one guy kept telling me I was too much and it made me come to a realization. I looked at that guy and told him that I am NOT for everyone. I may be too much for him but I am not too much for a lot of people, so if he thought I was too much then I was definitely too much for his audience.  
Check out the video for more on this here: 

Have you been making yourself small based on someone’s opinion of you?
Here are three tools you can start using starting today to BE too much and have too much fun!

Don’t buy it as real

Another person’s limitation is their limitation it doesn't actually have anything to do with you. Acknowledge that their energy is their problem, not yours. Remember it’s a person's opinion based on the “limited amounts of energy they are willing to receive” which is based on their limited points of view. 
It’s not real!  And it’s not true!
     2. Don’t resist and react
It would have been easy for me to resist and react towards that guy.  I allowed myself to receive the energy he threw at me without resisting and without reacting to it. I was able to handle that situation with grace, ease, and calmness. And guess what? I booked six more shows after that!
Lower your barriers, get present with your body, breathe and be aware that the person you are being is more than that person is willing to have and that is not your problem that is their problem!
   3. Don’t align and agree
When someone delivers judgment towards you and you take that personally, essentially you are diminishing yourself.  For instance, with this particular producer that I had mentioned, I did acknowledge and say he was right, but in essence, what I was doing was owning that I am too much for him and for me that is OK. 
When you choose to live orgasmically and you choose to be that joyful, generative being that you are, you may be too much for other people. Yet you will never be too much for people that are actually choosing to create their life, that is joyful, vibrant and alive... you'll be just perfect for them! 
Please stay tuned for more information on my nationwide 2020 media tour.
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Patty Alfonso
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