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What to Do When Kids Are Scared of the World Around Them | Ep. 41
July 29, 2020

Are your kids scared of the world around them?  How are you talking about anxiety with your kids these days?  In current times coping is harder, and there seems to be more reasons to worry than usual. You may experience tension when your family gath...

What to Do About the Things Kids Are Scared of At Home | Ep. 40
July 22, 2020

Mealtime battles, bedtime drama, homework struggles... Can you relate to these anxiety triggers in your home? Often there are deeper emotions under the surface, for both parents and children, that contribute to these conflicts.

How to Teach Your Child Not to Be Scared | Ep. 39
July 15, 2020

How do you teach your child not to be scared? Bedtime, meals, learning at home, performance anxiety, and separation anxiety can all be sources of anxiety for kids. This is especially true for kids who may be highly sensitive.

My Child is Afraid of Everything | Ep. 38
July 08, 2020

Do you feel like your child is afraid of everything? Where does anxiety come from in our kids? This is a huge struggle parents often face, especially when tensions are high in the world around us.  A survey Connected Families conducted in spring of ...

What to Say When Your Child Makes Outrageous Statements | Ep. 37
July 01, 2020

Have you ever heard an outrageous statement from your child? Outrageous statements come in all shapes and sizes and can often trigger disbelief or even outrage in parents. Perhaps that’s why they’re called outrageous statements! 

How to Have a Great Summer Without Pestering Your Kids | Ep. 36
June 24, 2020

Are you feeling anxious about this summer? Summer can be a fantastic opportunity to connect with your kids, but it can also present new challenges. You want to have a great summer, but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Are You Tired of Having to Nag Your Kids? | Ep. 35
June 17, 2020

Does it seem like all you do is nag your kids? Are you frustrated because this is the sixth time you have asked your child to take out the garbage? Nagging and arguing can become the frustrating norm in many of families.

How to Put Screens Back in Their Place | Ep. 34
May 28, 2020

You want to be intentional about screen time with your kids, but you’ve got an uphill battle! The pandemic isn’t making it any easier either. If you’re struggling with how to be intentional about screens, especially when your kids require them more tha...

What To Do When Kids Interrupt Important Conference Calls | Ep. 33
May 19, 2020

Working at home can be challenging! And exasperating. In this difficult season where many parents are juggling kids and working from home, our “new normal” is anything but normal. Parents are asking, "How do I stop kids interrupting conference calls?

Is Your Child Refusing to Do Schoolwork? | Ep. 32
May 13, 2020

Is your child refusing to do schoolwork? What can you do? Many parents are feeling the pressure of “crisis schooling,” and children are struggling to find motivation for their schoolwork. Though doing school at home may have initially been appealing,