Connect with Skip Heitzig Podcast

Connect with Skip Heitzig Podcast

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Expound: Romans 9-10:4 - Part C
June 28, 2022

Even though we continue to sin every day, God's love for us still overflows. In this message, Skip shares some encouraging insight about God's patient love for you.

Expound: Romans 9-10:4 - Part B
June 27, 2022

God is all-knowing: He knew past events would happen, and He knows what's to come. In this message, Skip shares about God's sovereignty in His plans for the nation of Israel—and for you.

The Wedding Guest - Part A
June 26, 2022

How cool (and also potentially scary) would it be to have Jesus as a guest at your own wedding! The unnamed couple at the village wedding of Cana had that privilege. Jesus was the wedding guest who brought the best gift. His first miraculous sign was perf

Expound: Romans 9-10:4 - Part A
June 24, 2022

God didn't forsake His people even when they rejected His Son, Jesus. In this message, Skip shares about the special place Israel has in God's plans—and why that's so important for you to know.

Expound: Romans 8:28-9:6 - Part C
June 23, 2022

Even though Jesus was rejected as Messiah by His people, God didn't abandon them. In this message, Skip shares about the part that Israel still has in God's plan.

Expound: Romans 8:28-9:6 - Part B
June 22, 2022

When we choose to follow Jesus, the world becomes our enemy and it's easy to encounter opposition. Join Skip as he shares why you can still be confident in your faith even in a hostile world.

Expound: Romans 8:28-9:6 - Part A
June 21, 2022

Every day we hear bad news, and it's enough to make us weary and distressed. In this message, Skip shares about an incredible promise you can rest on forever.

Expound: Romans 8:1-27 - Part C
June 20, 2022

In the new life Jesus gives us, He also promises life with Him in eternity. In this message, Skip shares what your future looks like as a future resident of heaven.

Finding the God Who Found You - Part B
June 19, 2022

When the first disciples encountered Jesus, they chose to follow Him--only to discover that they had already been chosen by Him! Without getting drowned in that theological tide pool, let's consider and marvel at how both of these realities work together.

Expound: Romans 8:1-27 - Part B
June 17, 2022

Did you know that the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to us? The Spirit lives in us to guide us and encourage our spiritual growth. In this message, Skip expounds on the Holy Spirit's role in your life.