Confidence Shift

Confidence Shift

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Journey To Courageous Confidence: From Paused To Possibilities
February 13, 2024

Confidence Shift Conversation - Season Finale

Cure A Midlife Crisis This Way
February 06, 2023

My Birthday Musings

Journey To Empowering Confidence with Stacè: From Silent to Seen
January 31, 2023

A Confidence Shift Conversation

In Tears There's Truth And Power
January 24, 2023

In times of change, tears can be a clue to what will set you free, yet so many push them down and away. Learn how to think about your tears differently and embrace their power to give you all the necessary answers.❝Cry. It's a beautiful signal that y

Journey To Adaptable Confidence: From Hidden To Happy
January 17, 2023

A Confidence Shift Conversation

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others This Year
January 12, 2023

They say, comparison is the thief of joy. Well, actually, Teddy Roosevelt said it, and I agree, but theres more!Adapted from my first live broadcast of 2023, I talked about what 3 elements that make up joy, how comparison steals them from you and wh

Your Motivation To Get Dressed & Your Success
December 20, 2022

If youre getting to your closet and second-guessing what to do with whats in there, its a symptom of a different thing. Its not a fashion problem. Its not an out-of-style problem. Its something else, and Im here to help you uncover the start of it!

The Secret To Success That Makes You Magnetic & Happy
December 13, 2022

The real secret to success for what will help you not only boost your confidence or increase your presence but also develop a life you love is a quality artists, and creatives use all the time.I'm sharing the six facets of this quality which, once un

The New Definition of Personal Branding
December 06, 2022

After years of change, the way people buy from you and buy into you has changed. Ditch the empty "go build your brand" hustle-culture cry of 3 years ago and instead embrace what will powerfully communicate your value, worth and passion to those who need y

It's (Still) Not (Only) About The Clothes
November 29, 2022

We're calling back the idea from Episode 1. Find out why "it's still not only about the clothes" and will always be this way when you consider putting yourself into the world confidently. Your appearance still matters, and it always, always will. ~