Compulsive Conversation

Compulsive Conversation

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All about Games! Nothing more, and nothing less.
January 28, 2019

Tonight we have a very loose and open conversation about anything and everything games. The state of the gaming industry, the esports side of games, lack of certain coop games, as well as what we look for in games. 

The TL:DR of 2019. A deep dive in!
January 22, 2019

Myself and Waffles take a deeper dive into our thoughts, hopes, dreams, for 2019. We take a bit of a deeper look into how we really feel about 2019 in the world of esports. We hold nothing back, and take some serious stands on topics! We hope you enjoy, a

Looking back: A 2018 Rewind
January 13, 2019

Our take on how the entirety of 2018 not only affected us personally, but how it made lasting effects in the world of esports. Some personal stories, as well as some main themes throughout the year!