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Mammoth Networks Big on Connecting the West – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 363
July 02, 2019

Summer is the time for the Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference, one of the events that Christopher is sure to attend every year. This year, it was held in Dillon, Colorado, and while he was enjoying the scenery,

Building a New Path Toward Tribal Connectivity – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 362
June 25, 2019

Matt Rantanen, director of technology at the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association and director of the Tribal Digital Village Network, has been working for years to get tribal communities connected to broadband.

5G Absurdity, Ammon Affordability, Speed Realities, and USF Caps – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 361
June 18, 2019

This week, Communications Specialist Jess Del Fiacco interviews Christopher about some of the many events that we’ve been following lately. Jess and Christopher start off the show with a healthy dose of outrage as they comment on an advert from Verizon...

SiFi Speaks on Fullerton Open Access Project – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 360
June 11, 2019

This spring, SiFi Networks and Fullerton, California, announced that they will be working together to deploy an open access Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network across the city of 140,000 people. SiFi will fund and build the network and has already signed ...

An Inside Perspective on Urban Fiber Deployment: US Internet’s Travis Carter – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 359
June 04, 2019

We regularly share stories about new fiber optic networks from local communities, cooperatives, and even local independent Internet access companies. Once in a while, we like to get an idea of what practical matters affect deployment and this week,

Firefly Fiber All the Buzz in Central Virginia – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 358
May 28, 2019

The Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC) announced in January 2018 that they had solidified plans to deploy fiber across 14 counties for smart grid operations and to bring Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) to the region. The project,

Nimble Customer-centric Approach Sets Ting Apart – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 357
May 21, 2019

In early April while Christopher was at the 2019 Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, he recorded a series of interviews for the podcast. We’ve been sharing them over the past two months. This week we’re presenting his conversation with Director of ...

Legislative Intent in Arkansas: A Talk With Senator Davis – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 356
May 14, 2019

It’s mid-May and while some states’ legislatures are still in session, other’s have already debated new legislation, voted, and adopted new laws. This week, we talk with one Senator from Arkansas who, along with her colleagues,

Talking Rural Broadband, the Internet, and Media with Dr. Christopher Ali – Broadband Bits Podcast 355
May 07, 2019

The Austin, Texas, 2019 Broadband Communities Summit was about a month ago, but we’re still enjoying the experience by sharing Christopher’s onsite podcast interviews. This week, he and University of Virginia Assistant Professor Christopher Ali have an...

Highland, Illinois, Always Working for A Better Community Network Experience – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 354
April 30, 2019

As part of our series of interviews conducted during the 2019 Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, Texas, earlier in April, we’re sharing Christopher’s interview with Angela Imming. Angela is the Director of Technology and Innovation for the city of...