Community Broadband Bits Podcast

Community Broadband Bits Podcast

HiLighting Hillsboro, Oregon – Episode 538 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast

February 07, 2023

This week on the podcast, Christopher is joined by General Manager Brad Nosler and Senior Customer Support specialist Elizabeth Pereira, both from the city of Hillsboro, Oregon. The city’s municipal broadband network, HiLight, is new, having begun signing up subscribers in the spring of 2021.

Notably, HiLight began building in the areas highest-need neighborhoods, where connectivity rates were disproportionately low. Equally importantly, HiLight has among the best income-qualified subscription tiers for families struggle to pay for access of any network in the nation, offering symmetrical gigabit service for just $10/month. Brad and Elizabeth talk with Christopher about the lessons they’ve learned and challenges the city has faced in its first couple of years of life.

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