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Community Bridge

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Your Father for All Eternity
June 15, 2024

What the best way a father can love his children? By loving their mother with a Christ-centered love! JP DeGance, founder and president of Communio, shares in a special Fathers Day interview how to h

Your Mission This Summer
June 08, 2024

Want to go on a mission trip this summer? You dont need to travel farkids in your neighborhood need hope and good news! Vice President of Administration Fred Pry, Child Evangelism Fellowship, share

Healthcare According to Acts
June 01, 2024

As critical health care costs rise, many Americans with health insurance are putting off medical treatment. What is an affordable option that also embraces biblical values and community? KatyTalento

Don't Take Your Kidneys to Heaven, Heaven Knows We Need Them Here
May 25, 2024

Could you save a life today? Its possible! God brought Dave and Noah together in a deliand changed both of their lives forever. Hear the incredible story from Dave Blomsterberg, living kidney donor

Family Engagement Spurs Student Success
May 18, 2024

You are critical for your childrens and grandchildrens educational success. Tracie Potts, chair of the Learning Heroes Advisory Board, and Dr. Andrew Andy Westmoreland, SVP of Higher Education, Fa

Honor Mom, Honor God - Love Foster Families
May 11, 2024

Ann Billo has nine children! Shes also the spokesperson for Florida 1.27, a movement of churches and individuals following the James 1:27 model as they care for foster families. You and your church c

Welcome Home to the Family…
May 04, 2024

What makes you feel welcome at church? And how can you help others new or coming back to church feel welcome? Joni Eareckson Tada, founder and CEO, Joni & Friends,shares how you and your community ca

Prevent Cancer at Every Age
April 27, 2024

You can help win the war against cancer. The earlier its detected, the less power it has over you and your community. Yet nearly seven in ten U.S. adults are behind on cancerscreenings. Jody Hoyos,

I Was in Prison…
April 20, 2024

Is Jesus calling you to reach lost youth living in the American justice system? Karly Wymer, lead for the National Juvenile Justice Ministry of YouthForChristshares ways you can change their lives

Keeping Religious Liberty
April 13, 2024

How was the Apostle Paul able to preach the Gospel to courts, kings, and even an emperor? By Gods grace, Paul had political liberties. Brad Dacus - attorney, president, and founder,Pacific Justice I