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Commercial Real Estate Podcast

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The New Retail Success Strategy with Paul Lessner of JLL
November 24, 2022

Our guest today is Paul Lessner, who is the Senior Vice President, National Shopping Centre Leasing at JLL. Starting his career in commercial banking, he later decided to follow his passion for real e

Post-Covid Retail with Tim Sanderson of JLL
November 24, 2022

This time we’re welcoming Tim Sanderson, the Executive Vice President & National Lead, Retail, at JLL. Throughout his career, Tim has always been involved with retail and real estate, making him the p

Developing Through Cycles with Curtis Way of RMS Group
November 10, 2022

Curtis Way is back for his second appearance today, his first of which was three years ago at this same Edmonton Real Estate Forum. He is the CEO of RMS Group, which is a fully integrated real estate

Solving the Affordability Riddle with Sherry Larjani of Spotlight Development
October 26, 2022

Were welcoming Sherry Larjani to the podcast at the Land & Development Conference. She is the President of Spotlight Development, and just finished a panel at the conference regarding affordable hous

Investing in Europe with José Pellicer of M&G Real Estate
October 11, 2022

Recorded at the Global Property Market Conference in Toronto, we are welcoming Jos Pellicer who is Head of Investment Strategy with M&G Real Estate. His company is the second largest real estate inve

Finance & Investment with Melanie Ducholke of Camgill Group
October 04, 2022

Chair of the Edmonton Real Estate Forum, Melanie Ducholke, is our guest in this episode. She is the CFO of Camgill Development Corporation, a real estate company which is based in Edmonton but also ha

Making Development Work with Brandon Donnelly of Slate
October 02, 2022

Brandon Donnelly, the Managing Director of Development at Slate Asset Management, is joining us in this episode. Apart from Slate, Brandon also writes a daily blog for city builders, and has been doin

Intelligent Investing with Shenoor Jadavji of Lotus Capital Corp
September 29, 2022

Joining us right after her closing panel at the Western Canada Apartment Investment Conference is Shenoor Jadavji. She is the Founder and President of Lotus Capital Corp, and its her second appearanc

Impact Investing with Tsering Yangki of Dream Unlimited
August 31, 2022

At the 2022 Land & Development Conference, Aaron and Adam are speaking with Tsering Yangki. She is Head of Real Estate Finance & Development, Dream Unlimited. After moving to Canada as a refugee whose

Next Level Community Building with Ron Lovett of VIDA
August 25, 2022

Weve got an expert in affordable apartments on the show today, Ron Lovett. Based in Halifax, he is the Founder and Chief Community Officer of VIDA. The company has rental unites in Nova Scotia, New B