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The Comedy On Vinyl Podcast

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Episode 407 – Jason on His New Book, We’re Not Worthy – the History of 90s Sketch Comedy
September 02, 2023

Jason talks about his new book,Were Not Worthy, the history of 90s sketch comedy, which comes out September 12. You can find pre-order info at, and you can see Jason do a readi

Revisiting Harry Shearer (Episode 200)
December 29, 2021

Its time to celebrate! Episode 200 brings us a guest Ive been hoping to speak with for years upon years the fantastic Harry Shearer. I was honored when he agreed to do the show, and excited to t

Episode 406 – Weird Al
November 17, 2021

Weird Al stops by, and Jason says goodbye. Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Worden Guest:Weird Al Yankovic Pleasesubscribe to us on Apple Podcasts,follow us onTwitterand like us at theFacebooks.

Episode 405 – Dan Gomiller on Weird Al – Polka Party!
November 10, 2021

My best friend Dan Gomiller returns to the show to talk about his exposure to Weird Al through Polka Party! and slowly discovering the jokes he missed. Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Worden Guest:

Episode 404 – Bill Frenzer and Bill Carey of Ogden Edsl
November 07, 2021

Two of the founding members of The Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band, aka Ogden Edsl, join me to talk about their careers, as well as to perform an improvised song. Host:Jason Kla

Episode 403 – Ben Hoffnung on his father Gerard Hoffnung
November 06, 2021

Ben Hoffnung stops by to talk about his fathers work, as well as the upcoming archival website for that work. Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Worden Guest:Ben Hoffnung Pleasesubscribe to us on App

Unboxing the Mouse Rat Album
November 05, 2021

Unboxing the Mouse Rat record The Awesome Album, from Parks and Rec, originally streamed at Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Worden Pleasesubscribe to us on Apple Podcasts,fo

Episode 402 – Joe Blevins on Trucker Comedy
November 05, 2021

Joe Blevins and I talk about the trucker comedy genre. Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Worden Guest:Joe Blevins Pleasesubscribe to us on Apple Podcasts,follow us onTwitterand like us at theFace

Episode 401 – Eddie Schmidt on The McKenzie Bros – Strange Brew
November 04, 2021

Eddie Schmidt returns to round out the McKenzie Bros oeuvre with the soundtrack toStrange Brew which, as you can imagine, is equally as meta as Great White North. Host:Jason Klamm Producer:Mike Wor

Episode 400 – Dan Schlissel – and a Dick Davy Announcement
November 03, 2021

The shows benefactor and great supporter, Dan Schlissel, returns one final time to discuss the show, Dans love of the record-making process, and the project theyve been working on together a new