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And The Rest

August 31, 2021

More Odd News than you can handle!

It's the last day of the 2021 Dog Days of Podcasting. That means it's time to roll up the carpet on our daily Odd News stories until next August. But, before we close the books on this odd Summer, Clinton wants to share a few special headlines with you. (Run time: 7-1/2 minutes)

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Oh, hi there. Clinton here. And here isn't today's odd news story.

See, we've reached the end of the 2021 Dog Days of Podcasting event. I could bring you one more Odd News story, but I've collected so many. It just doesn't seem fair to have any of them fade away without recognizing their true absurdity. No, these stories are too Odd to go to waste.

Sure, I could save them for next year. But if doing this two years in a row has taught me anything, is that odd is a constant. There will be more insanity between now and next August. And then, during the next Dog Days, you and I will share those small tears in the fabric of the universe.

So, let us end the 2021 Dog Days of Podcasting with a countdown of the 32 oddest story headlines we didn't get a chance to cover.

32: France's Macron: I will not surrender my umbrella

31: Georgia firefighters help ‘embarrassed’ raccoon out of a jam

30: Doritos pay teen £15,000 for super rare 'puffed out' nacho chip

29: Loose wallaby captured in Pennsylvania, origins remain a mystery.

28: Single teacher breaks off engagement and marries herself in (£50) wedding instead

27: Identical twin women find love with identical twin brothers - and all live together

26: Police respond to report of home intruder, find robot vacuum

25: Man finds $130,000 taped to bottom of used fridge

24: Bear tears up car, leaves beer cans unopened after getting trapped inside vehicle in Colorado

23: Finalists announced in search for America's Best Restroom

22: Australia man ties bedsheets together to escape 4th floor hotel quarantine

21: Man builds drivable Navy destroyer on golf cart

20: 'I live in the Tower of London - I've seen ghosts and need permission to leave'

19: Animal rescuers in Iowa find reported loose gator was plush toy

18: British Columbia singer breaks record for lowest note by a female.

17: Woman wearing fox costume chases daughter down Chicago streets.

16: A Small Florida Town Accidentally Sold Its Water Tower For $55,000

15: Silver monolith torched in Congo after mysterious appearance

14: Couple who 'couldn't afford a Lamborghini' decided to buy a hearse instead

13: Police Say A Cicada Is Responsible For A Car Crash In Ohio

12: Man who died 3,000 years ago with 790 injuries is earliest known shark attack victim

11: Goose flying upside down was showing off to friends,