Come Follow Me | Podcast

Come Follow Me | Podcast

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Moroni 1-6
November 09, 2020

Script - Did Moroni travel all the way to Utah just to dedicate a piece of land for a temple site? What is the correct meaning and fun

Ether 6-11
November 05, 2020

Script - Is it possible to travel in primitive submarines for nearly a year without replenishing food for the occupants and their anima

Ether 1-5
November 05, 2020

????Script - Who is Mahonri Moriancumer?  What does the made-up word “deseret” mean?  How is it possible that there was transparent

Mormon 7-9
October 18, 2020

Script - Moroni has, to finish his father’s record, since Mormon has died. Moroni teaches that God is unchangeable and is the

Mormon 1-6
October 12, 2020

Script - What are the striking similarities in the lives of Mormon and Joseph Smith, Jr.?  Is it reasonable that the Nephites wo

3 Nephi 27 – 4 Nephi
October 05, 2020

????Script - What does it mean to be “twinkled?” If, the Three Nephite Disciples were left on earth to bring many souls to Jesu

3 Nephi 17-19
September 22, 2020

????Script - What is the significance in Jesus and His Twelve Disciples turning whiter than white?  Jesus allowed the people of Ne

3 Nephi 12-16
September 07, 2020

⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 00:00 Introduction 01:11 3 Nephi 12 18:27 3 Nephi 13 26:56 3 Nephi 14 37:48 3 Nephi 15 43:28 3 Nephi 16 ????Script -

Helaman 7-12
August 17, 2020

How is Nephis praying vocally from a garden tower by a public highway different from the Zoramites praying from their Rameumptom? Did Nephi quote the Joseph Smith Translation when speaking about Mose

Alma 53-63
August 03, 2020

What was the greatest fighting force in Nephite history? What role did their mother’s play in preparing them to be soldiers? Are the native inhabitants of Polynesia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands descendants of Nephite peoples?