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Come Follow me

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WEEK 25 - Alma 8-12
June 16, 2024

Week 25 - Alma 8-12: "Is it worth it?  Is all of this following the commandments worth it?  Does it really matter if we pray every morning and night? Does it matter if we fast or even take the sacrame

WEEK 24 - Alma 5-7
June 09, 2024

Week 24 - Alma 5-7: "understanding that connection between principle and power is the one lesson the human family never seems able to learn, so says the God of heaven and earth!"Please visit us as C

WEEK 23 - Mosiah 29- Alma 4
June 02, 2024

Week 23 - Mosiah 29- Alma 4: "Isn't it interesting that just before some major event, some illuminating manifestation of God we see a wave of darkness, an increase in evil."Please visit us at CFMpo

WEEK 22 - Mosiah 25-28
May 26, 2024

Week 22 - Mosiah 25-28: "Words said and articulated in the right way can change someone's mind, they can alter someone's belief. You have the power to bring someone from the slums of life and make a s

WEEK 21 - Mosiah 18-24
May 19, 2024

Week 21- Mosiah 18-24: "What I am saying is that; sure a remission of sins can take place during baptism. It can also take place at other times in our lives. But, just because someone is baptised it

WEEK 20 - Mosiah 11-17
May 12, 2024

Week 20- Mosiah 11-17: "Part of the faith that we have in God needs to be trusting Him to do whatever it is that will bring about the most good."Please visit us at

WEEK 19 - Mosiah 7-10
May 05, 2024

Week 19 - Mosiah 7-10: "It probably goes without saying that everyone wants to be happy. Nevertheless, it also goes without saying that not everyone is happy. Sadly, it seems that for many people, hap

WEEK 18 - Mosiah 4-6
April 28, 2024

Week 18 - Mosiah 4-6: "To really learn how to pray and commune with God. It is essential to our eternal salvation and the happiness we seek in this life and the life to come. The most important relati

WEEK 17 - Mosiah 1-3
April 21, 2024

Week 17 - Mosiah 1-2: "These traits are not natural, nor do they come easy to those that seek them. Yet this process of becoming humble is one of the keys to opening up the windows of heaven. In contr

WEEK 16 - Enos- Words of Mormon
April 14, 2024

Week 16 - Enos and words of Mormon: I promise you that as you consistently give the Lord a generous portion of your time, He will multiply the remainder.For links and transcriptes please visit us