Columbia Christian Fellowship

Columbia Christian Fellowship

Latest Episodes

"Steal No More"
June 09, 2024

stop stealing...start working...earn your keep...share with and give generously to others in need  

"Anger Issues"
June 02, 2024

Anger is not sin...but anger can often lead into sin-believers are not to be easily or quickly angers...or to act out of anger

"Always Speak Truthfully"
May 26, 2024

the simple message is "always tell the truth"...but I'm gonna make a 35 minute sermon out of it (grin)

"Live in the Light"
May 19, 2024

There is a primary reason believers are to no longer live as unbelievers do...-unbelievers live in darkness...believers live in the light

"There is a Difference"
May 05, 2024

: Paul contrasts the condition of believers and unbelievers in the word-this week we will focus on the state or condition of humanity apart from Christ- unbelievers

Sin/Evil and Christian Maturity
April 28, 2024

Learning how to view and deal with sin/evil biblically is a means and an evidence of Christian maturity

: Perseverance and Christian Maturity
April 21, 2024

: Perseverance is yet another way and means by which we grow and mature spiritually-believersare to stand strong, firm, persevere, not give up in themidst of pushback and the difficulties of life

"Thoughts and Conversations"
April 14, 2024

continuing on our miniseries "Ways and Means by Which We Grow and Mature as Believers"-we grow and mature as believers by learningto control our thoughts and speech

"Obedience is Everything..." -the importance of obedience to the Word of God
April 07, 2024

-obedience is an evidence of true salvation-obedience is an evidence of Christian maturity