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Episode 56-Connecting the Head and Heart for Your Highest Potential
April 05, 2024

Our guest on this episode has built her career by beautifully blending organizational psychology, cutting-edge business strategies, innate leadership, and a passion for the mind-body-spirit connection that ties everything together.  A great example of the

Episode 55-The Art of Mindful Collaboration
March 22, 2024

You can have everything in life you want, if you just help others get what they want first. Michael Graziano paraphrasing the late author, motivational speaker, and sales professional, Zig Ziglar.Michael Graziano made it his mission to travel to every

Episode 54-A Conscious Paradigm Shift in How Leaders Think About Their Business
January 26, 2024

How do you define success? Attaining a desired outcome that you have worked hard for? Does that success bring you fulfillment? What if you still have a feeling of emptiness? Finnian Kelly, a successful multi-million dollar entrepreneur and now keynote s

Episode 53-Sharing the Knowledge of Wealth from a Wealth of Knowledge and Vision for a Better World
January 05, 2024

Matt Brower connects with Ron Carson, CEO and Founder of one of the fastest-growing financial firms,Carson Wealth. Ron describes how he started the company and the underlying theme that has been a major contribution to its success.Aside from money mat

Episode 52-Using Tech to Connect with Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Support
April 07, 2023

Inpatient treatment centers for addiction and/or mental health conditions can be a life saving measure. But once the treatment is complete, then what? A treatment plan looks great on paper, but its just that, its only a piece of paper! When you return

Episode 51-Connecting Humankind in Gratitude
March 17, 2023

Games are a great way to pass the time, have fun with other people, learn, and keep your brain active and healthy. But have you ever considered playing a game specifically designed to get to know others on a more meaningful level?  That is what this inter

Episode 50-Actualizing All of Your Brilliance Within
November 18, 2022

Mazix Mahalel possesses a very unique skill set that supports awakened entrepreneurs to be the best version of themselves all of the time so they can manifest their highest vision with ease by guiding them through a mental, physical, emotional, and spirit

Episode 49-The Uber of the Event Catering Industry: Offering Online Ordering
July 01, 2022

Historically,  the events/catering industry has been a very person-to-person business from the very first customer phone call to the catering van driving away after an event. When COVID-19 began sweeping through the United States, just about every bu

Episode 48-Bee Calm and Carry on With HiveTech
April 08, 2022

Honey bees play a vital role in our survival, in part, because the agricultural industry depends on pollinators for yielding healthy crops.  Unfortunately, there are currently several factors that steeply affect the mortality rate of honey bees. In t

Episode 47-Revolutionizing the Body Art Industry
March 25, 2022

Much like the narrative in mythology of the phoenix rising from its own ashes, Nando Mondragon has transformed himself and the circumstances of his past to forge a new path forward. As a youth, he was on a course to inevitable destruction. Prison time was