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November 16, 2021

I hope you enjoy this NPR/ASMR type episode brought to you by Yosh and Tyrel. We talked about Sahbabii.Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPodPersonal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12Intro Song: Goodness Gracious - Willie the

Solar Flare
November 08, 2021

I am so sorry. This episode is a train wreck. Enjoy. We talked about Funk Flex's reaction to the world premiere of 'Otis'. Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro Song: Hustlin' - Rick Ross Outro S

Golden Rod
November 02, 2021

Have yall ever been hungry? We talked about Wale, Maxo Kream, and JPEGMAFIA. Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro Song: Right Now - CHASETHEMONEY Outro S

October 25, 2021

The Red Sox season is over. Shouts to Noname and Solange. NBA season is officially back so we enact a new segment for all you degenerates. And more!  We talked about Zack Fox and Young Thug.  Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod  Pers

October 19, 2021

Teezy and Yosh run duos. Yosh gives us a little NBA preview. We give our personal Squid Games and more! We talked about Don Toliver and James Blake.  Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe

Midnight Blue
October 11, 2021

Jordan likes to get Teezy riled up. We also talk about our New Age elements of hip hop.  We talked about Wiki and Meek Mill.  Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod  Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro Song:&nbsp

October 06, 2021

Teezy is back with an announcement!  We talked about our top 4 albums from the 2010s.   Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod  Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12  Intro Song: Visions by Villain Park  O

CTE Cerulean
September 29, 2021

No Teezy this week. The boys take advantage.  We talked about Injury Reserve. Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro Song: Crabs in a Barrel - Lute Outro So

Cosmic Latte
September 29, 2021

The boys (Teezy and Yosh) are back together! Teezy off an edible makes for a rollercoaster of an episode.  We talked about Baby Keem.  Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod  Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro S

September 13, 2021

It is a certified party with the boys this week.  We talked about JMSN and Drake.  Color Theory Twitter: @ColorTheoryPod Personal Twitters: @Falco93IsForMe @IstaMaza @TE3ZY12 Intro Song: Should've Called Pt. 2 - Jimi Tents Outro Song: Pure Enoug