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Episode 33 - Lucky 33 - What's going on with Boeing?
March 16, 2024

The Colliercast boys dive into the mysterious death of a whistle blower at Boeing the aircraft manufacturer, an another former employee speaking out on quality control, and as to what it really means with all of a sudden recent airplane anomalies? Sourc

Miami Mall Alien Encounter - Episode 32
January 06, 2024

Happy New Years!What way to bang out the new year with some Alien encounters!Colliercast boys discuss the recent Miami Mall Alien sighting and whether the narrative is just four teens getting into a brawl, a couple of kids messing around with fireworks

Swatting - Episode 31
December 28, 2023

The Colliercast boys briefly discuss the rise in swatting nationwide. Specifically, looking into the swatting case of Rick Scott's home the former Governor of Florida and whether or not if there's a secret organization training and recruiting kids

Episode 30
August 27, 2023

Come join us on this brand new segment of Colliercast; Smoke break. Source Link(s):

Episode 29
August 13, 2023

A famous rainbow headed character gets arrested in Florida, MrBeast Youtube influencer sues Virtual Dining Concepts, and recreational marijuana may be coming to Florida; This and more is all discussed on the latest episode 29 of the Colliercast Podcast.

Episode 28
July 16, 2023

Colliercast boys rambling and discussing about things, different things, all kinds of things. Check it out!

April 16, 2023

Technology is getting sophisticated and more so is Artificial Intelligence. The colliercast boys dive into one of OpenAI's programs called ChatGPT and ask it many questions along with discussing about other interesting A.I. things. Source(s) links: h

Colliercast: Cartalk episode 1
February 05, 2023

Trying out a new portion of the colliercast podcast. Enjoy the test run and future podcast episodes of colliercast: car talk!

January 01, 2023


October 30, 2022

-25-Source(s):John of God was once hyped by Oprah. Now he's accused of abusing hundreds of women.