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Episode 24
September 18, 2022


Episode 23
April 13, 2022

Actor Politicians? - Episode 23, a discussion episode about the arising tensions with Russia and Ukraine and w/history being written only by the winners. Listen in! Link source(s) no order:

Episode 22
February 13, 2022

2022 the year of the Tiger.  This episode briefly touches up the relations with gematria, tigers, the superbowl, and the slaying of Eko the Naples Malayisan Tiger. source(s):

Episode 21
January 19, 2022

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Episode 20
December 21, 2021

3..2..1.. action! Movies, are the theme of this podcast discussion episode. They seem to have a lot to tell us about where we're heading as we mentioned in previous episodes that the CIA has there hands in practically everything.  Join us as we brief

November 24, 2021

With history being told and re-written to only mask and cover what really lies beneath. Thankful episode 19 unveils the CIA mass cover ups of a continent in the region of what is Russia today. Diving into the hollow earth theory, project blue beam, MK ult

Episode 18
May 31, 2021

Technology is evolving rapidly everyday and frankly faster than we can bust out another episode. NFTs are an emerging segment on this podcast episode as our world progressively heads towards this new digital era. From trading cards to trading digital toke

Episode 17
April 04, 2021

Oh, You know. One of those: random discussion episodes where we go onto discuss various topics and no set-topic. We wanted to get out another podcast episode while we still can! -We still hope to have a set release schedule but life's unpredictable. Join

Episode 16
January 01, 2021

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Episode 15
December 06, 2020

On this journey through the podcast universe Bryan and Justin peel just the first layer to what could be a society ruled by Saturn til today and how the holiday; Saturnalia  relates to Christmas and if Santa Claus is really just Kronos; devouring of