Coffee with Creamer

Coffee with Creamer

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Out of Sight | Episode 80
February 01, 2023

Barry talks about the power of presence and populations disadvantaged by being out of sight and out of mind. That’s why the unborn need us to speak for them. But it’s also why we have to see the human

Finding God Where We Lost Him | Episode 79
January 25, 2023

We walk through Psalm 42, surrounded by desert, crying out in thirst. As we do, Barry reminds us that there are actually no deserts with God and what we must do is open our eyes to his provision. Hope

Resurrection and the Paranormal | Episode 78
January 18, 2023

What do the Chupacabra, the return of JFK Jr., and the resurrection have in common, Barry asks. Hopefully, nothing. Barry reminds us that the strength or passion of our faith isnt as important as its

Sorry Not Sorry: Part 3 | Episode 77
January 11, 2023

Barry finishes up the series on forgiveness and repentance, keeping in mind that knowing the destination is forgiveness doesnt make the journey simple. This episode focuses on how the offended and co

Sorry Not Sorry: Part 2 | Episode 76
January 04, 2023

Barry continues our series about repentance and forgiveness, providing a few examples from Scripture. These examples help us describe the differences between regret, remorse, restitution, repentance,

Sorry Not Sorry: Part 1 | Episode 75
December 28, 2022

Barry begins a conversation about the complexities of repentance and forgiveness and reminds us that we need enough humility to acknowledge that our responses wont be perfect, but enough faith that w

Silent Faith, Holy Night | Episode 74
December 21, 2022

Barry reminds us that while we, as believers, are (hopefully) longing, praying, and yearning for what has not yet arrived in the world, Gods faithfulness has already been at work to bring about our r

Farm Fresh or Shelf Stable: Part 2 | Episode 73
December 14, 2022

Barry continues the conversation about how to make sure our faith matures but doesnt become stale. He reminds us that our ultimate goal is not to have a good relationship with faith, but with the God

Farm Fresh or Shelf Stable: Part 1 | Episode 72
December 07, 2022

Barry talks about the process of and barriers to the maturation of our faith. We want it to be fresh, but not always novel, stable, but certainly not stagnant. When thinking of our spiritual past, we

Here’s My Chance | Episode 71
November 30, 2022

The journey of faith in Psalm 41 begins with belonging, moves through knowledge of self and God, and ends in mercy. Our God walked this path first and now we have the chance to see people as more than