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Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 3 | Episode 48
June 22, 2022

This episode rounds out the series on how to do more than battle the other side when it comes to the important issue of abortion. Barry points out some of those shared values, the best way to begin a

Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 2 | Episode 47
June 15, 2022

In the second episode of the series, Barry invites us to see a few pro-life values in pro-choice arguments. Not possible, you say? Believe it or not (but we hope you do), there is more to being pro-ch

Can There Be Life on Earth Post-Roe?: Part 1 | Episode 46
June 08, 2022

Barry introduces a familiar topic, sanctity of life, in a very different way in this series. Amid the chaos created by the leaked SCOTUS brief on Roe v. Wade, many people on the pro-life side of the a

A Sometimes-Silent Savior | Episode 45
June 01, 2022

Barry covers Psalm 30, a psalm of David meant to praise God at the dedication of the temple, even though there was no temple yet. And it just so happens that there is no temple now, either, but there

Memorial Day, Because the Shovel Is Brother to the Gun | Episode 44
May 25, 2022

Barry talks about what we do right, what’s okay, and what we should do more of when observing Memorial Day, and uses 3 poems to do it.       Poems: “In Flanders Field”, by John McCrae,

Our Problem with the Problem of Evil: Part 2 | Episode 43
May 18, 2022

People often follow a few steps when personally encountering the Problem of Evil: from complacency, to discontentment, then contentment, and lastly to thankfulness. It is by no means an easy journey,

Our Problem with the Problem of Evil: Part 1 | Episode 42
May 11, 2022

Barry begins a discussion of the Problem of Evil, which studies the question of how to reconcile the concepts of a good and all-powerful God with the existence of evil and suffering in the world. We a

It’s Good to Hear Your Voice | Episode 41
May 04, 2022

What do severe thunderstorms, earth-swallowing floods, decimated forests, and teeth-shattering earthquakes have in common? They all evoke the voice of God. Feel a little frightened? No need—God uses t

So Heavenly Minded | Episode 40
April 27, 2022

Barry talks about why it is important to consider the ramifications of a choice before one needs to make it. He covers some fundamental aspects of ethics, reviews what ethics can’t do, and explains wh

Control Freaks | Episode 39
April 20, 2022

Why is it that sometimes we bring about the very thing we are trying to avoid? Barry provides some all-too-true examples and encourages us to be the kind of people that keep the faith, sacrifice our o