Coffee with Creamer

Coffee with Creamer

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Plains, Ukraines, and Automobiles | Episode 148
May 22, 2024

Barry heads to Psalm 75 for what seems to be a summary of a hundred other passages. In this case, we get a lesson on geography: while mountains and valleys may beautify the earths surface, they mar t

Sacred Center: Rerouting… | Episode 147
May 15, 2024

Barry covers Psalm 74 where we have significant grief coupled with significant hope. As you might imagine, we bring the grief to this equation and God the hope. We are also introduced to this strange

Caution: Uneven Path | Episode 146
May 08, 2024

Barry leads us down Asaphs path (Psalm 73), as we embark on a journey fraught with confusion and envy, doubt and worry. Whats shocking is how common this journey is for believers and how welcoming G

A Poor Substitute: Part 2 | Episode 145
May 01, 2024

Barry concludes his focus on Davids prayer for Solomon in Psalm 72. Our part to play in the Good News is both simple and challenging: look at Gods holiness, which is seen in his compassionate care f

A Poor Substitute: Part 1 | Episode 144
April 24, 2024

Barry invites us to a poignant moment between David and Solomon, when the man after Gods heart passes the kingdom to his son. His number one reminder is to follow God through obeying his law, and wha

Power to the People | Episode 143
April 17, 2024

Barry talks about the advantages and disadvantages of democracy. While it is certainly most comfortable blaming leadership, we must admit, our leadership simply reflects our desires and fickle decisio

What Not to Wear: Part 2 | Episode 142
April 10, 2024

Barry concludes the story of 1 Samuel 16-21 focusing on the Chosen one and how others respond to him. We do have a choice, which both Saul and Jonathan evidenced, but thank God there is no overcoming

What Not to Wear: Part 1 | Episode 141
April 03, 2024

Barry highlights a few details in the story of David and Goliath that may surprise us. Davids strength lies in taking up the tasks he has been given and leaving Gods tasks to God. Waiting on God is

Donne with Death: Part 2 | Episode 140
March 27, 2024

Barry reads The Day from poet John Donne, where we are reminded of our value and Gods promises through the most somber of occasions. Funerals are just a believers step toward whats next.   &#1

Donne with Death: Part 1 | Episode 139
March 20, 2024

Barry explores John Donnes poetry, revealing the dangers and hope associated with death. These poems are a great reminder of why Christ-followers celebrate Easter. Poems/Book: The Day, John Donne, Ho