Coffee with Creamer

Coffee with Creamer

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A Different Way to Make a Difference | Episode 16
November 10, 2021

There are times we fight tooth and nail to fix a problem, when in fact, we are only making a dent in the symptom. Barry offers a few examples of this complexity and ways to think more deeply about it.

Moving Heaven and Earth | Episode 15
November 03, 2021

Barry walks us through Psalm 18, dodging earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms to watch God deliver us and bring us into a broad, safe place—a place of humility and gratitude.     Scriptures

Who’s in Charge Here? | Episode 14
October 27, 2021

Traditional interpretations of authority can tend toward objectification but learning to be a servant in every context is redemptive.     Scriptures: Matthew 15:21-28 Luke 19:6-10 2 Samuel 6

Thinking About Thinking | Episode 13
October 20, 2021

Barry talks about the tenuous yet long-term relationship between Christianity and education and why it has been fundamental to the faith, including in Judaism and the early church.     &#160

Where Two Sides of the Grave Meet: in You | Episode 12
October 13, 2021

In his conversation with Sadducees recorded in Luke 20, Jesus teaches that the resurrection is real and establishes two things: hope for the future and change for the present.     Scriptures

Believers: Not as Different as We Think We Are | Episode 11
October 06, 2021

There are some opinions or positions of our society that creep into our lives as believers. Barry talks about a few of these concepts and how we cling to them even when God disagrees; get ready to bec

What Should We Do with Power? | Episode 10
October 01, 2021

Barry talks with Jared Wellman, pastor and SBC Executive Committee member, and Rob Collingsworth about the recent happenings in the Southern Baptist Convention and a Christian’s responsibility to advo

Stranger Things That Matter | Episode 9
September 29, 2021

Barry talks about some well-known Old Testament passages and how they should shape the way we see outsiders. Treating outsiders the way God in Christ does would revolutionize our lives and our world.

The Problem with Others Is That They Are Also People | Episode 8
September 22, 2021

The good news is, we depend on others. Wait, does that sound like bad news to you? If so, this episode is for you.   Scriptures: Mark 10:42-44 I Timothy 2:1-2 John 4:4-26 Luke 10:25-37 Poems: “Th

What if Everyone is Wrong? | Episode 7
September 15, 2021

Want to think more clearly and generously? Learn how Aristotle’s square of opposition relates to issues such as U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, the sanctity of human life, CRT, and censorship.