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Coffee with Creamer

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Famous Failures: Part 1 | Episode 97
May 31, 2023

Barry starts a new series on King David’s famous failures and points out aspects of those failures that we commit regularly. Psalm 50 reminds us that while we prefer a talisman what we really need is

Civility in Armed Civilization: Part 2 | Episode 96
May 26, 2023

Barry finishes up a 2-part series about gun violence and gun control. The focus, as always is a way to get at a thoughtful and measured conversation, where we hear concerns from the other side, and co

Civility in Armed Civilization: Part 1 | Episode 95
May 17, 2023

Barry starts a conversation about mass shootings, inviting believers to think through narrowing the topic, developing parameters for response, and seeking clear-headed and soft-hearted means for conve

The Ungood Shepherd | Episode 94
May 10, 2023

Psalm 49 describes our descent into the fear of death while offering a handhold outa much better shepherd than the one we first see inside the boundaries of birth and death.       &#16

Frailty Blindness | Episode 93
May 03, 2023

Using Hannah Arendts Eichmann in Jerusalem, Barry talks about how challenging it is to acknowledge our own frailties and yet maintain a moral standard. Peacemakers in Gods world have to do both. &#1

Good News and the Death of a Salesman: Part 2 | Episode 92
April 26, 2023

Barry concludes a series about evangelism and the dangers of selling the gospel. God tore the veil not to get more people into the temple, but to get the church into more of the world.    

Good News and the Death of a Salesman: Part 1 | Episode 91
April 19, 2023

Barry bemoans the fact that sometimes our best efforts with the Good News are only a means to some things we errantly think better. He invites us to develop a different mental model as he describes so

3 Weddings and a Funeral | Episode 90
April 12, 2023

Barry covers the most distinct Psalm so far, Psalm 45. In it, we observe a bride love a groom, Israel worship the Messiah, and the church desire the Redeemer.         Scriptures: P

What Good Are We? | Episode 89
April 05, 2023

Barry talks about the concept of self-improvement and the ways in which people offer something of value to the world. Often, we focus on improving our weaknesses and just let our strengths ride. The b

Denominations: Drama Queens and Kings? | Episode 88
March 29, 2023

Barry invites Dr. Everett Berry, Professor of Theology at Criswell College, to talk about the development of protestant denominations. Were the splits rooted primarily in doctrine, carpet color, or th