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The Problem with Others Is That They Are Also People | Episode 8
September 22, 2021

The good news is, we depend on others. Wait, does that sound like bad news to you? If so, this episode is for you.   Scriptures: Mark 10:42-44 I Timothy 2:1-2 John 4:4-26 Luke 10:25-37 Poems: “Th

What if Everyone is Wrong? | Episode 7
September 15, 2021

Want to think more clearly and generously? Learn how Aristotle’s square of opposition relates to issues such as U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, the sanctity of human life, CRT, and censorship.  

Psalm 3: Am I David or Absalom? | Episode 6
September 08, 2021

Have you been reading the Psalms all wrong for all these years? Find out if you might have been missing an important part of reading the Psalter.   Scriptures: 2 Samuel 15 2 Samuel 17 2 Samuel 18

Finding You by Seeing Others | Episode 5
September 01, 2021

While judgement is reserved for God, the spectacles of redemption are shared with us. May we look out and find people God created for us to see, hear, and serve. Scriptures: Romans 5:19 Daniel 9 Matth

Rare and Unresearched | Episode 4
August 26, 2021

We hear the story of a man who has seen over 15 doctors, had 21 MRIs, more medical tests than he can count, a misdiagnosis of both MS and cancer and is still looking for answers. While he does not hav

Cultural Christianity: Off Center | Episode 3
August 17, 2021

Sometimes the fence we put up to protect our Christianity, actually prevents us from reaching its center.   Scriptures: Luke 13: 10-17 Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Leviticus 19 Micah 6:8 Acts 1:8 Ephesians

Luke 22: Judas, Peter, and You | Episode 2
August 13, 2021

We walk through Luke chapter 22, showing how the same Christianity is easy to see in Jesus, but hard to see in us.   Scripture: Luke 22:3-34  

Coffee with Creamer FINALE
October 12, 2018

Guests Winston, Rob, Steve, Scott, Kevin, Joe, and Daisy join Barry on this, his last, Coffee with Creamer ...

Barry’s Solo
October 11, 2018

Barry finishes up his egoism - altruism conversation and touches on two other topics in his last solo ...