Coffee with Creamer

Coffee with Creamer

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Shouting to Waiting | Episode 63
October 05, 2022

Barry talks about the relationship between God’s faithfulness and our faith. Psalm 33 reminds us that miracles, deliverance, and the like are simply eruptions of God’s ongoing, underlying love and int

I Can’t Unhear That | Episode 62
September 28, 2022

God knows how hard it is for us to hear what we need to acknowledge in order to change, which is why Jesus used the phrase “Let these words sink into your ears.” Barry talks about how challenging hear

A Room for Real Altruism | Episode 61
September 21, 2022

Just as our Messiah did, we are to care for others even at our own expense. Barry talks about altruism, some of the hurdles it faces, why it is so important for the world, and what it should mean for

Faith, Hope, and… Praise | Episode 60
September 14, 2022

What do drooling on one’s beard and finding victory through praise have to do with one another, you may ask? Barry talks about the background of Psalm 34 and the elements that lead to heartfelt praise

The Skeleton in the Living Room | Episode 59
September 07, 2022

Have you noticed how many times you can repeat the same argument with your loved one and the outcome never change? Barry talks about seeing the structures or system behind a particular argument/situat

Cognizing Truth | Episode 58
August 31, 2022

Information may be freer, but truth—not so much. Barry describes how we can see the truth and cling to it, while also improving our Spidey sense to recognize when something is wrong with the words we

Forgiveness’ End: Existential Transformation | Episode 57
August 24, 2022

The modern and existential paradigms seem worlds apart, and neither is necessarily better than the other—so how do the different paradigm-holders connect with each other? The life change described in

In Bad Faith: Part 2 | Episode 56
August 17, 2022

In our second part of the In Bad Faith series, Barry provides another example of when the result of our faith’s practice contradicts its real end: inequality vs complementarity.     Scriptur

In Bad Faith: Part 1 | Episode 55
August 10, 2022

Barry asks the question, “How do people improve?” He argues that we can both pray and practice medicine; we can lead people to forgiveness and provide counsel to help them deal with an old, clinging n

Self-Help for Society: Narrative of Human Life | Episode 54
August 03, 2022

Barry revisits the topic of working through conflict together as a society, focusing on the narrative of human life. Staying on the path created for us is better than reinventing ourselves repeatedly.