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Working Remote
March 26, 2020

Episode 098 – Working Remote. – Today, Valarie and I have a bonus episode about working remote. I do it on a full time basis now in my job, and now a lot of people – pretty much soon to be all of America – is going to be forced into working remote as a …

Pete Cochrane
March 24, 2020

Episode 097 – Pete Cochrane – graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in economics. After graduating from university he worked as a technical recruiter. Today, he’s the chief sales officer for Interactive Resources which is an IT s...

Pariss Athena
March 17, 2020

Episode 096 – Pariss Athena – has had a very interesting journey to get into tech. After graduating from high school she studied screenwriting; this developed an interest in acting which prompted her move to Hollywood. Later,

Debugging With Chrome Dev Tools
March 12, 2020

Episode 095 – Debugging With Chrome Dev Tools. – We have a bonus episode for you today and it’s about how to debug your code. What we’re going to teach you is the skill of how to fix problems in your code. The difference, usually,

Chris Corriere
March 10, 2020

Episode 094 – Chris Corriere – has a degree in mathematics and leadership from Kennesaw State University. He’s very interested in mathematics and data, and has used that interest to build his knowledge of data science.

Kayla Sween
March 03, 2020

Episode 093 – Kayla Sween – graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Computer Science. While a student at university, she worked as a research assistant. After graduating she got a job as a front end developer; this job was a remote...

Importance Of A Portfolio
February 27, 2020

Episode 092 – Importance Of A Portfolio. – In this episode Valarie and I will be discussing why you need a portfolio, what should you include in your portfolio and how you can display it. You can get a job in tech with a good portfolio.

Sarah Kinneer
February 25, 2020

Episode 091 – Sarah Kinneer – graduated university summa cum laude with a degree in special education and teaching. For the next decade or so, Sarah worked as a special education teacher. A year ago, she decided to change careers.

Barkha Herman
February 18, 2020

Episode 090 – Barkha Herman – graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Computer Science degree. For the past decade she has worked as a developer. She has worked her way up from developer to Senior Developer and Senior DevOps Engineer,

A Few Of Our Favorite Things
February 13, 2020

Episode 089 – A Few Of Our Favorite Things. – Today we have a bonus episode that we are calling “A Few of Our Favorite Things.” Valarie and I have completely different roles in Tech. Valarie is a DevOps Engineer and I am a Frontend Engineer.